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The quote “Everything is new again” has never been more true in interior design ~


Every year as we approach another “Earth Day”, I ask myself why people don’t apply the concepts of recycling 365 days a year.  With such a fast paced world, we tend to forget living a more earth friendly life when we don’t have constant reminders.  Hopefully, I can inspire a few new ideas for recycling, repurposing and reclaiming natural elements or “found” items throughout the year.



The juxtaposition of this contemporary bathroom design and marble with the reclaimed wood accent wall are brilliant. Adding to this elegance is the life-sized statue, which takes one back to a simpler time.  Photo: via Decorist; Design by Frank de Biasi Interiors



As you can already see…I love the contrast between clean lines, soft colors and the textures of wood. The richness of the custom wood vanity is a work of art in and of itself. Photo: Matthew Milman; Design: Buttrick Wong Architects



The use of reclaimed materials extends to the exterior of a home also. This contemporary home in Australia has used reclaimed wood along with local building materials. If you decide to “go green” in building your dream home or simply redecorating, remember to use as many local materials as possible to reduce the carbon footprint. Design: Tim Stewart Architects



Repurposing building materials isn’t just for wood! These recycled steel bars create amazing modular dividers/shelving in this Beijing cafe. The latticed structure allows for a multitude of configurations and uses. The incorporation of plants into the interior design helps offset the severe air pollution of large cities- reducing carbon monoxide plus adding a soothing natural quality to the space. Design: Penda Designhouse via DesignBoom



Man Caves have been all the rage the last few years but now She Sheds are trending with the ladies! Reclaimed windows pieced together like a quilt create an inspiring hot house for encouraging seedlings, repotting plants and enjoying a bit of meditative space amongst the tree canopy. Photo: via Empress of Dirt



One of my favorite past times is taking “found” objects from garage sales, vintage consignment shops or flea markets…and repurposing them into something new and unexpected. This kitchen pot rack was created from old metal fencing (MeAndJilly)… and the garden gate brought an old iron headboard back to life as a garden gate (Dishfunctional Disigns). Does it get any cuter than this?



Since I was a child I have picked up sea shells, stones, coral and anything organic (including acorns and buckeyes). I may even have a few boxes of “memorabilia” in my storage which are still awaiting my putting them on display. These shadow boxes could be the right project with which to bring them out for viewing pleasure once again! Photo Christian Schaulin via stylejuicer.com



Speaking of sea shells… Kouboo has talented artisans who make unique chandeliers and pendant lights from nature’s bounty.  Our ever popular Capiz seashell chandliers are hand cut from hundreds of shells, making each room a stand out in your home decor.  In addition, the combination of hand set Bubble and Clamrose seashells create a rich pattern while the white color provides cool elegance.  If your home calls for something really outside of the box, the hand set Abalone seashells provides rich textures and color for subtle elegance. Photos: Kouboo


Going-green-Nito place setting

The natural materials and techniques used to create each of our organic products is thrilling to see and watch as something as simple as a vine comes alive and is transformed into an item you will cherish in your home. One such material is the Nito or Lygodium, a slender, climbing fern found on a southern island of the Philippines. As the fern gets older, it climbs and twines around various different kinds of plants. For additional information on how this product is made, check an earlier blog post by clicking here. Photos: Kouboo



Many years ago I found La Puerta furniture makers in Santa Fe, NM. Just like the photo, I wandered up and down rows of salvaged doors from Mexico, India and Asia. I had 3 tables made from doors I found, which were then built to my specifications using old timbre. This particular piece has been residing at my son’s in Las Vegas the last 5 years…but it will be journeying “home” once I buy my new nest this summer! YAY! I look forward to reuniting with all of my treasures in the months ahead! Photo: doors – via Pinterest; side table – H Rose


As you can see, inspiration and creativity comes in many forms!  My wish is that every day will be Earth Day for you and others around the world…as we only have one planet which we are the stewards for…


Be bold, be beautiful, and be at home!

Til next time…



Written by Holly Rose ~ Connect Thee Dots
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