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Portrait Catherine Holliss

Catherine Holliss Catherine is Director of Interior Design for Sander Architects, LLC. The firm is known for award-winning modern design, innovative use of materials, and strong leadership in the green movement. As an interior designer, Catherine is recognized as an expert in green materials and she regularly lectures on the topic. Her aesthetic of blending clean modernism with ethnic influences developed from a childhood spent in South East Asia, Africa and Europe.

Joey & Patrice GerberJoey & Patrice are the founders and managers of KOUBOO. During their extensive travels throughout the world they built a passion for the artisans who for generations have been making unique home decor. Subsequently they made it their mission to bring these treasures to the US and offer them through their online boutique to the public. They keep travelling the world on the lookout for new finds. Blending ethnic touches into Western homes is there style identifier. A preference that is based on their own Asian respective European origins.