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Your home would have plenty of stories to tell ~


How we dress up the walls in our home is a 👏little bit like adding the perfect accessories to the “little black dress”.  We can change the mood, character or design by simply adding texture, color, wallpaper, artwork or photos. Our personalities are reflected in how we design our home… so are you shy, coy, flamboyant, artistic, adventurous, conservative or a totally “outside the box” thinker? I am definitely an eclectic decorator – mixing collectibles with photos, art, paint color and natural textures! If it can hang on a wall…I’ll put it up there!  Take a look at what I found…


As you walk through the door of this home you are immediately greeted by this fabulous wall!! Elegant, classy and eye-catching all at once! A 2019 trend sure to add excitement!  Photo: StyledToSparkle


These 1×2 natural wood pieces run up one side of the wall and across the ceiling making for a bold wall statement adding warmth and creativity to this space! Photo: Heandshelifestyle.com


Brilliant use of wire fencing panels as it’s the perfect backdrop for the contemporary design of this bedroom. Now this is thinking “outside the box”! Photo: jbirdny


Showcasing family photos and memories create a narrative sure to touch the minds of all who gaze upon this family room wall. The same black framing lends unity to the design.  Photo: Nick Onken/Condé Nast Archive via Architectural Digest


OMG! I want to do this! What a masterpiece! I’m speechless here… Photo: Found on Pinterest


This wall tells lots of stories…and in such a dynamic way! Does anyone notice how the gold frames simply have photos tacked onto the wall inside the frame? How ingenious and clever! Photo: Malmö – MyScandinavianHome



Paintings don’t necessarily need to be hung. A shelf placed along this wall is the perfect way to display a collection of art. The eclectic table and assortment of chairs compliment the paintings! Photo: The Kitchn


This feature wall of a single painting is the whole conversation and more when entering this room! Photo: Trend Gallery on Etsy


Fairy tales, storybooks and make believe forts are what delights most children…and even some of the grown up persuasion 😉 Photo: KidsColoray on Etsy


Meet me on the pier and let’s sail away! ⛵️If you can’t go to the water for relaxation, bring the serenity of water to you! Photo: Aledesign.com.pl


Life size botanical prints and wallpapers are a magical trend for 2019. Let your imagination take flight in unexpected places throughout your home. Photo: @bienfaitparis via Instagram


Your bedroom is a tranquil place to refresh your soul… “One pure moment holds the power to create infinite love” ~ Angie Weil and Crosby Photo: Found on Pinterest


Who would’t want giant peonies gazing upon you each day? Talk about inspiring!  Photo: Thomas Darnell’s Peonys Pink @areaenvironments on Instagram


Shifting gears to this contemporary bathroom allows us to experience other “stories” within our home. The graphics here set a backdrop for the clean black and white lines finishing out this space. Photo: Homestolove.com.au


Mirror, mirror on the wall…who’s the fairest of them all?  We all are!!  You say you can’t pick just one?  You don’t have to!  Use them all…and unify them by painting the frames all one color! Photos: L – Found on Pinterest; R – Kouboo


Have you been inspired to share some of your stories on the walls of your home?  I hope so!  Let us know your ideas for expressing your history and character at home!


Be bold, be beautiful, and be at home!

Til next time…



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