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Are you inspired by the blossoms all around you?


Here in the West we are blessed with Mother Nature’s bounty almost all year long, but springtime especially is full of bees buzzing, blooms opening and the sweetness of life🍋 drifting in the air.  It’s a time of planting seeds…both in life and in our gardens!  It’s nearly impossible to not feel inspired when there is vibrant color and beauty everywhere we turn! 🌸🌷🌻


Not only do we have the time to enjoy the great outdoors under a bright yellow sun 🌞… but we can also prime our creativity from the landscape blooming with wild flowers, perennials, roses, climbing vines and ornamental trees.  I found a bouquet of ideas for your home!



Laguna Beach, home of Kouboo, inspires us every time we wander along the beaches or through the quaint little town. Photo: Kouboo Decor on IG


The flowers we choose for a tablescape are most often reflected in the colors we choose for the linens, table settings and even the food we serve. Photo: Happy Happy Nester


If you don’t have the “real deal” outside your door to clip… faux greenery can lend the same feel for a springtime dinner setting… and it’s reusable! Photo: Life On Virginia Street


The muted tones of yellow, green and turquoise in these roman shades offer lots of options for accessories in this kitchen. Photo: BHG


This designer couldn’t have made this nursery feel anymore like you were in a lemon orchard if she tried! The detail of the ceiling lattice, petaled pendant light, arched draperies and perfectly painted mural are pure bliss 🍋 Photo: Design by Dina Bandman on Katie Considers


Whether purposely drying flowers or inverting them fresh from your flower beds for ambience… this is an ingenious idea! Photo: KWDesign found on Pinterest


We’ve all saved those precious roses or bouquets which truly touched our heart…but what do we do with them after they fade? Put them on your wall…that’s what you do with them! Photo: Viktoria.Dahlberg on IG


Elegant whimsy…that’s what I see in this gorgeous shower! The all white tile are the perfect balance to this unique custom made masterpiece! Photo: Romantic Homes By Meryl Schoenbaum / Photography by Bret Gum / Styling by Jickie Torres and Staci Dumoski


Small spaces provide the perfect place to add a touch of personality. The peony wallpaper on the upper half of this tiny half bath are spot on without being too much. Photo: Apartmenttherapy


The floral bedskirt and matching curtains can’t help but make you smile 😃! The coordinating bedskirt and pillows also “connect the dots” as your eyes move around the room. Photo: Etsy Bed Skirts


Gather design ideas from your landscaping…or your neighbors…and add those touches of color 🌹, pattern and design to the inside of your home. Photo: @connecttheedots on IG


Vibrant color is everywhere… reflecting wild flowers and English gardens in this bright and airy bedroom. Photo: GardenHouzz


Kouboo has a number of products in their online selection which bring a subtle floral hint to your home decor… like this flower capiz wall mirror or the hand carved wood flower pendant light. Photo: Kouboo online decor


The marigold yellow in the bed linens and curtains make this room pop against the vertical white shiplap and accessories. Love love love! Photo: Country Living; by Becky Luigart-Stayner


Any of Kouboo’s La Jolla basket collection pair well with sunflowers! Photo: Kouboo


Thank you @littlewildandfreemama for sharing this beautiful photo of our rattan petal headboard! It definitely brings nature indoors and it’s the perfect compliment to your bedding design! Photo credit: @littlewildandfreemama on IG; and Kouboo Petal Headboard


More than anything…Mother Nature inspires me in my interior design…and flowers bring such intensity of color, geometric shapes, movement and freshness into the home.  I hadn’t really realized how nature’s flowers impact our creativity until I researched this blog.  I found flowers everywhere… from the colors we choose for a room’s color palette…to furniture design…wallpaper…pendant lighting…or wall decor.  It was so much fun!  I hope you enjoyed the jewels I found and as always I’d love to hear your comments!  Feel free to share the “blooms”!




Be bold, be beautiful, and be at home!

Til next time…



Written by Holly Rose ~ Connect Thee Dots
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