November 20, 2014

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This year, this Fall, I have fallen for white. Perhaps I am a season too early: we traditionally think of winter when we think of white décor, but I do love creating surprise and delight when decorating. Moving away from the spectrum of red-brown-orange that we so often associate with Fall, I found lots of inspiration for how to decorate your home this season in white. The bonus? Remove any squash or pumpkins, add some pine cones and you just might be able to move seamlessly into winter.


Let’s take a look a several ways to make this approach work.


Whether you start with your dining room table, your mantelpiece, your front door, your living room or your bedroom here are some great ideas:


Dining room table:

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Living Room:

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Front Door:

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Fall Accessories

Kouboo has several gorgeous accessories that are all-white and would fold perfectly into any white Fall décor. Check out the the Rib Bulb table lamp, which, frankly, would be elegant at any time of the year.

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However you choose to decorate your home this Fall, I certainly hope that you enjoy the chilly nights and the opportunity to add some elegance to your home to mark the changing of the seasons.


Let me know if you have ever used a chandelier in an unusual location in your own home. I think the ironic twist works beautifully and I’d love to hear your own thoughts on the subject.


Written by Catherine Holliss
Interior Design Blog Writer, Kouboo.com, LLC
Director of Interior Design, Sander Architects LLC.

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