April 12, 2022

Spring has sprung and the bees are abuzz with the abundant flowers in bloom!

If you are like me, you are itching to grow your own organic and fresh vegetables this year.  Farm to table, or in my case - raised garden bed to table! 🥬🥒🍅🥕

Last year I tore out my entire backyard and started from scratch.  Since I live in the Arizona desert I wanted to be water conscious as well as landscaping with plants which would draw in the bees, insects and birds - giving back to Mother Nature in the best way I could.

I spent time researching what will grow best in my gardening zone...as well as the type of garden which would be best in a desert landscape.  So whether you life on the West or East coasts, or somewhere in between...there's a garden style for you.  Check out what I've found and let us know in the comments the ones you like best... 


Well-kept outdoor garden with plants, shed in the background.

The ultimate garden can be attained if you've got space to work with... using pathways and containers to move easily from one area to another.  Photo:  WellAppointedHouse 


Kouboo woven rattan serving tray / basket.

For a home gardener, accessories like this garden basket are a must!  We can all "look" the part even if we have a brown thumb!  Photo:  Kouboo 


Tomato plants in ceramic pots

Are you "yard poor" with very little room to build a raised bed?  Then think of these pots as their own individual garden bed with a different variety in each!  Photo:  Brown Thumb Mama  


Tomato plant in a large planter, covered with an umbrella.

This umbrella for shading this tomato plant is the best DIY I've seen!  Simply ingenious...and cute as can be.  What a conversation starter!  Photo: DIY Academy EU


A woman taking care of a vegetable garden.

Maybe you have a side yard that isn't being utilized... or a narrow strip of yard that is sitting empty.  Worry no more!  Add a few raised beds, creating fresh foods for your family as well as gorgeous foliage for your enjoyment.  Photo:  Gardenary


Multi-level wooden flower beds on a balcony.

For years I had a small patio at my condo...which afforded me plenty of room to indulge my desire to grow flowers as well as herbs for my recipes.  Photo:  Garten Fraeulein.de


Kouboo rattan plant stands and hanging baskets

Kouboo has amazing plant stands and baskets to create your own garden in style.   Select 1, 2, 3 or more!  Photo:  Kouboo


Pumpkins growing in an outdoor garden next to a house

Gardening doesn't have to be overwhelming.  Involve your children or grandchildren in planting a little corner of mini-pumpkins they can harvest just in time for Halloween and the Thanksgiving table.  What a great teaching project and so simple!  Photo:  Offbeat Home


Vegetables growing in a home garden.

Any unused space can be transformed into a garden... all you need is a planter box, soil, seedlings, water and sunlight! 🌱☀️  Photo:  Rooted Garden


Flowerbed made out of wooden pallets, standing outside, full of greenery.

This compact rolling planter box even has pockets for herbs on the sides!  Ingenious use of every square inch!  Photo:  Found on Pinterest


Wooden outdoor planters.

Planters for your home and garden come in all shapes and sizes.  You won't even need to stoop over to care for these plants!  Photo:  Williams Sonoma


Outdoor garden with flowers and greenery.

This is my favorite vegetable planter and what I chose for my farm to table garden experience!  It was so easy to put together and I could even make it into 9 different shapes if I was so inclined!  I'm preparing the layers of soil even as I write this!  I can't wait to plant!  Photo:  Vego Garden 


Three tier metal plant stand with greenery in it

Gardening doesn't get much easier than this creative planter!  Just add a little moss and pop those seedlings right in!  Photo:  Addicted2Decorating


Outdoor plant shelf made of pallets.

Pallets have been used for many things but this is a fabulous idea for up-cycling them into an herb and lettuce garden 🌱🌱  Photo:  Urban Organic Yield Pinterest