March 02, 2012

This is the season for snowstorms and sunshine. When you leave the house dressed for one, inevitably the other happens. Might as well stay home and start digging through the piles that have accumulated over the winter. Get inspired with some decorative storage boxes or consider the wisdom of simply recycling and donating as much as you can.

A clean slate looks good on a sunny or a snowy day 

Besides, when you create a clear space you are literally and metaphorically making space in your home. Once there is room in your home it seems to create space in your life as well — and who can tell who or what delights may arrive.

As I suggest in a previous post on holiday decorating when you create a design vignette to celebrate a particular season, you can transform your entire home. The same kind of transformation can happen by cleaning up, clearing out and/or creating a system to hide the clutter. Either way, when you transform your home it feels like you transform so much more.

I love the following tips, in no particular order:

1. Start by clearing out as much as you can. If in doubt, donate. I love to put on the Red Hot Chili Peppers song “Give it away now.” I sang it to my mother while helping her to clean out her basement. It made her laugh – and laughter makes any job so much easier.

Legs with broom and box ©Catherine Holliss 2012

2. Make sure you have plenty of containers and collect like objects together. This works in every room: match the container to the tasks.

3. Organize your linen closet by putting all of the sheets belonging to a particular bed linen set into one of the pillowcases from that set. It keeps them all together and saves you from hunting through the closet for a match.

4. Make sure you have containers galore to collect like objects together. This works in every room. These can be as simple as old shoe boxes in a sock drawer to create low-cost dividers to keep your underwear from getting tangled up. Plastic see-through snap-tops are great for cleaning supplies. The large versions work great for basements and garages.

5. Consider hiding clutter. has gorgeous baskets and boxes that you could leave sitting out.

Photograph © KOUBOO LLC. 

6. If you have small kids who like to play in the living room, turn a leather footstool with storage or a large Rattan box with a lid into a toy box. Toys can be quickly tossed in, drop the lid and no one would ever guess the contents.

7. Have a friend come and pick up all the things you are donating and take them away the same day, if possible. The quicker it leaves your house, the easier it will be. Offer to return the favor as incentive.

Finally, remember to have fun.


Written by Catherine Holliss

Interior Design Blog Writer,, LLC

Director of Interior Design, Sander Architects LLC.  


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