July 04, 2021

Plants are more than added decorative accessories in our home ~ 

As a person who unintentionally killed more plants over the years than I can count... I'm here to tell you even someone like myself can learn "plant speak", turning a brown thumb 👎 into a green thumb with a few easy considerations!  

In the past I was guilty of simply adorning my home with plants for aesthetics and design, adding the right touch of green to this empty corner or the right natural element to that lonely table.

3 simple rules I've learned of late...and your plants can be as lovely as those I've curated below!  Enjoy! 🍃  

  1. Light ~ Some want lots of light 🌞 and others only filtered light!  Get a plant light if need be! Do a little research...
  2. Water 💦 -  read the care instructions! No one wants to drown nor do they want to gasp for the next bit of moisture.
  3. Love ❤️🌿 - I talk to my plants now and let them know how grateful I am for their new shoots and adding oxygen to my abode!

I'd like to shout out to @happyhappyhouseplant and @hiltoncarter on IG for inspiring me to be the best Plant Mom I could be!  😍🌿🍃


Use different planters or plant stands to add character, smiles and design to your living spaces.  I'm in love with this "planter" whether it was an intentional planter or not!  Photo:  Hilton Carter IG 


 Our interior and exterior plants provide beauty as well as nourishment.  This vegetable and flower wicker basket by Kouboo is the perfect accessory for gathering the "fruit" of your garden.  Photo:  Tempe Garden IG


 Part of taking care of your indoor plants is providing them with a perfect "home" of their own to enrich their life as well as the decor.  This seagrass basket is the perfect compliment to this Fiddle Leaf Fig.  Photo:  FrameBridge


 Imagine removing these lush and vibrant plants from this room... it would be the equivalent to wiping the smile from someone's face.  Photo: Arlyn Hernandez  


 Plants enjoy getting a "lift" from Kouboo's rattan plant stand plus the baby has a beautiful live plant to "ooh" and "ahh" at... Kouboo round Halo mirror also.  Photo:   Leah Lornado IG; Kouboo planter


 A simple olive tree softens the corner of this room creating a whole new feel and ambience.  Photo:  Pinterest


 Are you one of those who has "never met a plant you didn't like"?  If this is you, natural shelves are perfect for housing your collection of living and breathing "plant people".  Photo:  Happy Happy Houseplant IG 


 Babies need plant love too!  Start them young with the appreciation of Mother Nature in her own room.  Photo:  Happy Happy Houseplant IG


 The plants inside this home as well as those seen through these amazing windows add a soft and casual feel to the tall ceilings and industrial farmhouse vibe.  Photo:  Hilton Carter - Joel Bernstein home


 A little dash of green in a neutral palette brightens the look and adds contrast to the woods and rattan furniture pieces.  Photo:  Kouboo IG


 Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home, yet not part of the actual landscape, so why not bring a few of your favorites like this Japanese Maple onto your deck or patio?  Photo:  Style By Emily Henderson


 The entrance to your home gives guests a peek into your be sure to welcome them with beautiful planters, flowers and inviting plants as they ring your doorbell?  Photo:  Style Me Pretty 


 Sleep is an important part of revitalizing our spirits and energy at night so a few plants will help clean your air for a peaceful nights rest. Photo:  @ThatPlantGuy_ty IG



 If you are afraid of your plant skills, why not use cuttings from landscape trimmings from your yard?  Add to a lovely vase, add a little water and voilá ... easy peasy greenery in your home!  Photo:


Once again, another example of adding a touch of greenery in a beautiful warm rattan basket to make a big difference, inviting people to sit down and stay awhile! Photo:  TheSoughtAfter


As you can see from. this Upstate New York home... displaying shrubbery in rattan baskets isn't limited to the indoors!  How charming and totally unexpected! Photo:  @William_and_Edward IG


 Greenery from living, breathing plants is a welcome addition to any room of your home - in my humble opinion that is 😁🌿 Photo: WithinTheGrove