March 21, 2012


When the first official day of spring arrives with the warmest temperatures on record for several states it is time to shed the last of the winter blues and turn your home into a festive celebration of color.

Bring on the fresh flowers!

If you are not already addicted to vases this is your chance to start a collection.

It’s an interior designers constant ambition to help clients replace the tchotchkes (knickknacks) cluttering their shelves with objects of beauty. If they are not merely sculptural but useful as well, then all the better.

In my previous post on spring cleaning I give a series of tips for clearing out your space. So now you have all that space, what are the delights that might arrive to fill it?

A well-chosen vase can fit that profile perfectly and should be part of any well-considered home decorations.

In my collection, I have everything from an old glass mason jar (used by my grandmother for pickling) to a sleek-and-chic collection of aluminum and pewter with some colorful ceramic vases and warm wood vases held in reserve. What consistently keeps my attention, however, are vases that are so gorgeous I don’t have to put them away when the flowers are gone.

Vase as sculpture.

Vase as art.

The Palm Leaf vase from Kouboo.com fits that description perfectly.

Kouboo Palm Leaf Vase. Photo © Catherine Holliss

This vase is truly a work of art. I have to say, that when it arrived, I immediately phoned Kouboo owner Patrice Gerber and told him that this was so much more gorgeous than I had guessed from the website.

Luckily, he said, that has been pretty much everyone’s experience with their purchases. The downside of shopping online is you cannot touch the objects. The bonus is that moment of delight and surprise when you open the package at home. Well, I was delighted and I wanted to let him to know.

Whether you splurge on something new, pull out an old jar, or dust off your most magnificent vase, may fresh flowers bloom in your life and bring you a colorful and sun-filled start to your spring.

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Written by Catherine Holliss


Interior Design Blog Writer, Kouboo.com, LLC

Director of Interior Design, Sander Architects LLC.  


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