March 02, 2018

The beauty of nature inspires the soul and energizes your home ~


Green represents “the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy”.  Many homeowners and decorators use these concepts to create a bright and welcoming space for your family, loved ones and friends…welcoming them in just as we welcome Spring each year.


With the emergence of daffodils pushing their bright yellow faces up through the soil (and even snow)… spring fever is close at hand.  Throughout the winter, I make sure to have fresh flowers in my home, providing color and freshness throughout my day.  Flowers and vivid green plants make me happy and thus make me smile.  When I smile, I feel as though I light up from the inside out… so I’ll just tell you now – the following rooms filled with amazing greenery caused a smile from ear to ear!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!!


Yep! Smiling – big time! I love this window ledge created on the inside of the home! Photo: found on Pinterest – Weibo.


Sometimes a trio of topiaries and cut flowers in the kitchen are all that’s required to make the winter blues go away! Photo: House of Turquoise


G O R G E O U S ~ if I’m not mistaken, this Traveler’s Palm, is one amazing specimen! It’s a work of art in and of itself! Photo: Pubx.co


These free-spirited seagrass baskets are a welcome home to any houseplant…but my eye is really drawn to the green glassware and yellow daisy painting! A touch of Spring will always brighten this bright corner even without something “live”.  Photo:  Paper & Stitch


Two of my very favorite things – books and plants! Curl up with a good book and coffee in the morning as you gaze out into the treetops. This sight is sure to bring about Spring fever! Photo: Design Sponge, Lauren Anderson


Try your hand at a miniature citrus tree for a little year-round Springtime. Photo: Bloglovin’


With greenhouses providing an abundance of annuals or perennials, why not try a few inside this year? Once it warms up you can take them out to a porch or plant them into flower beds when the time is right. Photo: Nora Murphy/Country House


I’m obsessed with these Fiddle Leaf Figs! They have such personality! Guess who is on the hunt for one now? 🤗 Photo: Puntalta


Of course, if you have spectacular indoor plant specimens, then you absolutely must have spectacular baskets to put them in! Kouboo has an amazing selection – big and small. Photo: L – Kouboo; R – Oloro Interiors


Don’t feel like you have a green thumb? Then prune a few of the leaves or branches from your outdoor landscape and bring them indoors! The split-leaf philodendron is beautiful as seen here…but another good option is pruning trees about to flower i.e. Crabapple or Cherry trees 🌸. Photo: Brit & Co


This daybed and cozy boho chic room are perfect for daydreaming and planning Spring activities! Maybe even a little envisioning of a far off land? Photo: Bohemian Home


As the saying goes “everything old is new again”… and so are swinging chairs made of rattan and the infamous peacock fan back chair! Add one or two to your outdoor living space or sunroom! Photo: L – HomeBeautiful.com.au; R – Kouboo


I always have a couple of green plants in my office space. They bring living energy to my desk area while creating lots of idea inducing oxygen to my brain! Photo: The Future Kept


Living in Arizona the last 7 years has given me a grand appreciation for the Sonoran Desert, cacti and succulents. They come in as many different shapes and sizes and beauty as baskets like the ones here! Photo: L – Pinterest; R – Kouboo


We are definitely spoiled with beautiful weather in the Southwest and Southern California, but the rest of the country is waking up to Spring also. It won’t be long before everyone across the U.S. can enjoy the outdoors and blooming flowers! Photo: JoannaGaines


Can you feel it?  The outdoors is waking up…and even if it isn’t, there are plenty of opportunities to put a little “spring in your home decor”, whether it’s cut flowers, houseplants of all shapes and sizes, a cheery daisy painting, colored glassware or vibrant pops of color which mimic the forthcoming flowers in your garden.  Put a smile on your face, a glow in your heart and happiness in your home!  In-Joy!