August 08, 2018

When traveling means “from your bedroom to the backyard or somewhere in between” ~


Even though my passport is always at the ready…and I’m easily talked into a new adventure by train, plane or automobile… my home (or a friends’s 😉) can easily be turned into a “staycation” Disneyland! A little creativity, cool drinks and good company can make a weekend at home vacation worthy.


Let’s face it, sometimes life gets in the way and it’s difficult planning a trip away due to work projects, little league games or not enough dollars in the piggy 🐷bank.   I’ve learned to enjoy my leisure time at home without the headaches of having to pack a bag and traveling hours to get somewhere.  I also don’t have to dress up or put on much make-up which is an added perk for us girls!


Sit back and let your mind wander as you peruse some of my favorite Staycation destinations!



Yep…numero uno on my list of destinations is a beautiful and relaxing backyard! Green grass, crystal clear pool and sunshine! 🍹 Photo: Architectural Digest


Whether by the pool, serving up a BBQ dinner outside on the grill or playing board games with friends… rattan baskets always come in handy. Photo: Rattan basket by Kouboo


I’m blessed and oh so lucky to house and dog sit in this very backyard! I guess you could say working from home was never more relaxing! Just last weekend my girlfriend brought over her hammock which added a little island feel as Reggae music blasted from Alexa 🏝 Photo: Scottsdale, AZ, @connecttheedots IG


Outdoor activities and giant board games like checkers, jenga, corn hole, croquet and tossing around a tennis ball for the dog are all in a days fun. What could be more relaxing and stress free?  Photo: Volleyball net light found on Pinterest; Giant checkerboard – Back Yard Boss


Once the sun begins to set…fire up the grill for cooking and gather round the fireplace for happy hour, conversation and sharing stories (even if it’s at your friend’s expense 😂) Photo: Rustic Artistry on Facebook


Of course, not everyone favors the outdoors for relaxation and a good time. A movie marathon complete with popcorn; a little eight-ball; and unlimited video games; are but a few of the indoor games to be had for family entertainment. Photo: HGTV Property Brothers


Maybe a night kicking back with friends is your idea of a vacation. Have everyone bring their favorite bottle of wine for a tasting…or explore new ideas for margaritas! Photo: Urban Studio Inc – @urbanstudio.designon IG


I’d be a little hard pressed to even leave the house if this were the view from my bathroom 😃. Can you say “home spa”? Have a mobile manicurist come to your home for the day and invite your girlfriends – or guy friends! They need pampering too! Photo: One Kind Design


Alone time for treating yourself to organic home made facials, body scrubs, hair masks and the like are the perfect way to unwind also. Stay home, play some soothing music, make a cup of tea…and bask in the day. Photo: Georgianadesign.tumblr


Are you or your family foodies? If so, why not hire a personal chef to come to your home and give everyone a class? Learn new techniques or how to spice up your favorite foods without leaving your home!  Photo: Cindy Hattersley Design


Can’t find a chef for hire? Then set up your laptop and follow the leader with your favorite chef on YouTube! Get everyone in on the action and create lasting memories! Photography by  A Gentle Woman


As a kid, building forts was a must! My sons were experts and I firmly believe my oldest son developed his architectural skills by taking over my living room with all the blankets and chairs he could find! Of course, an easier route is to just pitch your tent and add a few sparkly lights to recreate the stars above ⛺✨ Photo: 52fortwo


And if all of this isn’t enough to keep you entertained…why not jump in the car and explore what’s just outside the city limit? Simply follow the trail to new a adventure… Photo: @30_summers on IG