When the sky turns gold. How to bring Fall colors indoors.

November 14, 2011

I love this time of the year. I love the way that the air has a golden shimmer from sunlight reflecting off the changing leaves. I love the crisp air – and the promise of a whole new wardrobe as cozy sweaters come out of storage.

This is when, as a designer, I am secretly thrilled that orange and ocher work perfectly for home décor.


How do you use orange? I have a screenwriter friend who painted an entire wall in his office with blackboard paint so that he could keep running notes (in chalk) on everything from his latest story idea to shopping lists. If you have a free wall in your kitchen, study or front hall this idea could be a delightful decorating feature. Paint is so easy to apply and change, why not take advantage of the multiple colors that are available in blackboard paint and change it up every season? Here is how architect West Chin of WCA used the idea in a Battery Park City duplex.

Orange blackboard paint as used by architect West Chin

© Photograph by Eric Laignel for Interior Design Magazine


How do you bring yellow indoors? Sunflowers have the cheerful habit of keeping their faces turned toward the sun as the day progresses. There is a lesson in that for us, as the days grow shorter. Why not literally bring sunflowers into your home as a reminder that, while summer is over, good cheer doesn’t need to be.

Sunflowers reflect the sunshine 

Stylish table setting: take sunflowers gathered from your local farmer’s market or flower shop and trim them to fit a vase half-filled with small pebbles. Place on your dining room table with an interesting placemat or runner made from natural materials and let them remind you of optimism and sunshine every time you glance their way. Above are the flowers I brought home from our local Farmer’s Market this morning.

Below is the way that Kouboo interprets this trend with a tall vase of sunflowers on their table runner of coconut discs.

A table runner from Kouboo.com

Photograph ©  Kouboo.com LLC

Use paint, pillows, flowers, accessories and other easily changed items to freshen up your home and bring that whiff of woodsmoke into your home décor this Fall.

Let me know your favorite ways to change up the seasons in your own homes.

Written by Catherine Holliss, Director of Interior Design, Sander Architects LLC.  

Photographs © Catherine Holliss unless otherwise noted. 

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