February 19, 2015

The spotlight is on ~ and the WINNER IS!


The Hollywood Award Season is winding down for 2015 and the 87th Annual Academy Awards is upon us.  Who will take home this year’s Oscar?


With all eyes on who is going to win the coveted golden statue, many forget the years and years of work and honing of their craft that went into this ultimate reward.  Neither a movie nor an actor is an “overnight sensation”.  The seed for a movie may have been planted 10+ years ago just as an actors journey to the big screen may have begun as a child.


The same holds true for your home.  Our experiences, travels and tastes make up the canvas for what is to become our long dreamed of castle.  A “taste” for culinary grandeur may inspire us to spotlight our home’s kitchen above all other rooms… or a love of getting lost in a good book may instill a longing for that cozy library of our dreams, allowing us to get lost in world history, romance novels or the fantasy of “Alice and Wonderland” as we did when we were children.  Each room would then take us back to memories which feed our soul, reminding us of foods, experiences, travels or friends along the path.


Just as the spotlight shines on the actors, actresses, directors and movies this season… I’m going to shine the light on some of the rooms which inspire me to be creative in my own abode and home decor.


My own eclectic style and taste has developed over years of travel throughout the U.S., Peru and Chile; working with indigenous cultures in S. America; as well as my tremendous love for the outdoors and nature.  The beautifully handcrafted baskets, accessories and lighting from Kouboo add an elegant touch to my comfortable “style”.


And my winners are:


The first impression begins at the front door! Your entrance can say a great deal about who you are as a person. These two selections mirror a warm and welcoming heart in my opinion… down-to-earth and inviting to all who enter. Photos: (L) Spanish colonial door with adobe style plaster walls found on TraditionalHome.com; (R) Bougainvillea and the welcoming committee found on Pinterest


Incorporating these cantilevered stairs into the room design is brilliant.  They are truly the best "supporting" element a room could ask for!  Photos: Via Le case di Elixir

Incorporating these cantilevered stairs into the room design is brilliant. They are truly the best “supporting” element a room could ask for! Photos: Via Le case di Elixir



Shine the light where family and friends gather with Kouboo’s Capiz SeaShell Chandeliers. Add the beauty of the ocean to any home decor style. Both chandeliers found on Kouboo.com



Bold Kitchen Color

The kitchen plays a stand out role in every home…but these stunners exhibit a bold display of color and personality! Let your imagination soar to new heights with lighting, rich color palettes, textures and space. Photos: (L) cocokelley.com (R) found on homebunch.com




The award for “set design” could easily go to either of these captivating bedroom suites. Both designs display an eye catching natural wall focus which is also used as the headboard. Photos: (L) Country Living; (R) Wood pendant lamps – onekindesign.com



Ourdoor Living Space

These outdoor living spaces would definitely win Outstanding Visual Effects! Repetition and “more, more, more” are a common theme here. Photos: (L) Architectural Digest – George Clooney home; (R) ServiceCentral.com.au



Ocean View Living Space

My cinematography award would have to go to this gorgeous room with a view…where the indoors become one with this sweeping vista of the pristine blue ocean. This outdoor space has it all – natural textures in the roofing materials and lanterns to clean lines of the pool plus festive pops of oranges, reds and purples. Photo: 79ideas.org



Library Rooms with Class and Comfort

Last but not least…my favorite room of a home – the library! A comfy sofa or chair to burrow into with a good book and I’m a happy camper! I love both of these designs for different reasons: the gorgeous library with the ocean view on the left lets you feel the cool breezes as one gets lost in a book…and the other just calls out for a cup of tea, the warm sunlight shining through the picture windows and a background of collectibles that make you sigh out loud….ahhhh!!! Photos: found on Indulgy.com



I could go on and on with all of my favorites…but I’ll let you relish these for now!  Maybe one or two have sparked your imagination to create something new and bold in your own home decor.



As I look over the room photos I chose to share I see a common theme – LIGHTING!  It’s amazing how adding a statement piece can turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary room!  Now is the perfect time to light up your own life and create something new and exciting!  Have fun!