Helping Women

Every time you buy, we’re – together – helping women around the world

We’ve traveled all over the world to identify and source the unique, one-of-a-kind home décor products we offer you.

Our overseas trips have reinforced our belief that women are the backbone of most societies but are not recognized as such, and are not usually given a fair chance to succeed as actual bread-winners or entrepreneurs in their own right.

Buying a KOUBOO product goes a long way toward providing a livelihood for many families that live very modestly. It also ensures that century-old traditions around the preservation of specific crafts are thriving.

But that’s still wasn’t enough for us. We wanted to do more.

We’ve committed to providing micro loans through KIVA to women in all sorts of industry receive financial support for their small businesses. The loans we fund are financed through our operating income – yes, this means you participating with us! – to make a solid, ongoing contribution that empowers women, offers the support they deserve, and helps strengthen the very core and livelihood of their communities. This is the loan we have funded through KIVA.