Our Story

 We’re bringing the world’s hidden décor treasures to you!

There are so many beautiful home décor items made by artisans who cultivate their craft from generation to generation. These artisans typically use traditional materials that are abundant where they live. Combining their craft with the exquisite properties of natural, ready-access materials and good design makes for stylish, one-of-a-kind products.

On our extensive travels through Southeast Asia we came across a multitude of, designers, artisans and family-owned business merchants creating an absolute abundance of stunning products.


At some point along the way, we made it our mission

 to unearth all these hidden treasures and bring them here to you!

“We” is maJoey & Patrice Portraitde up of Joey and Patrice, wife and husband.

Joey is a national of the Philippines who has traveled the world. Living in the U.S. for almost 10 years now, she has developed a passion for returning home with various décor items from Asia and finding a way to blend these beautiful pieces in our contemporary, “Western” home.

Patrice left native Switzerland for the U.S. in the 1990s and worked for many years in various management positions in the housewares industry.


Together, we had a great business model … and didn’t even know it!


So, here we were – a perfect partnership for a successful décor business. Joey had the eye for beautiful, innovative pieces and knew how to make them work in our home. And Patrice knew all the ins and outs of the housewares “back end” – yet, it took years before we realized we just might have something!

Actually, what prompted us more than anything else was the repeated reaction we received from friends and family visiting our home. While we found the blending of these styles very refreshing for ourselves, our friends and family couldn’t stop talking about what a beautiful home we had. These unique artisan finds made all the difference in “spicing up our home, hence the Kouboo motto, “Excite Your Home!”

Spicing up your home doesn’t take a lot of work. You don’t even have to have that “eye,” necessarily, because Joey has already done the work for you! These exotic, rare pieces and simple additions to your kitchen decor, dining area, bathroom decor and living areas meld easily with ALL house decors, whether the interior is modern Italian, rustic, country style, antique, ethnic, modern, neo-classic or something else entirely.


Our interest goes beyond styling interiors.


We also feel passionate about the people who make these products, as well as the techniques and materials they employ. The use of natural materials such as wood, fibers and seashells introduced through manual labor produces one-of-a kind, sustainably-made products.


Sustainability is not the goal.

It is the path by default.


The vast majority of items we offer for sale on the Kouboo.com website are made in homes and smaller workshops. In many instances, the craft the artisans learned from their ancestors is either their livelihood or supplements their income from other activities such as farming. The opportunities for many of these artisans and their families are limited.

We prefer to make an effort to improve the lives of these artisans by first respecting the time and effort they put into their work and, then, sharing their beautiful handiwork with the world.

For that purpose we are sending a portion of Kouoo’s profits to KIVA, a non-profit organization that empowers people – particularly women – around the world with small loans … small loans by us, but loans that make an about-face difference in many of these women’s lives. Each time you make a purchase through Kouboo.com, you are essentially helping us help these inspired, entrepreneurial people who just need a small boost.

Feel free to contact us. Read our blog entries and post your comments. Participate with us and let us know how we can be of greater service to you! We look forward to accenting the rooms in your home with the kind of warmth and innovation you can only get in one-by-one handmade pieces!


Joey and Patrice

P.S. By the way, to answer the most frequently asked question of all … Our brand name KOUBOO is derived from the Filipino word “kubo” which describes the traditional houses still found in the Philippines made from bamboo and palm leaves.