April 01, 2014

In my last post Shayne Blue gave us some insight into her world of blending vintage and modern pieces. This time around I get to interview Anjali Talim, the designer behind Studio Diz, an interior design firm based in Los Angeles, California. Anjali has a beautiful eye for blending eras, ethnic sources and high-cost with low-cost items. The outcome is warm, comforting, colorful and always elegant. I caught up with her via email and she took time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for us. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.


What makes a home?

A home is simply a reflection of yourself! Therefore, it should be filled with things that bring you peace and happiness — as well as functionality. When you walk through your doors at the end of the day, you should be taking a nice sigh of relief — as though your home is giving you a big, fat hug!


How do you work with your clients?

I try and keep my clients as involved as they would like to be. I have some clients that, after years of working with them and knowing them so well, they allow me to just go for it. They are always thrilled at the end! I encourage new clients who have the time to shop together and to be very involved in the process. This is what I love the most because I really get to know all of these lovely people on a personal level –which allows me to be a better designer for them.


What are your favorite tips and tricks for working on a budget?

The best thing to do on a budget is to set aside some of it for at least one significant piece that is of great quality and design. This could be a gorgeous, well made sofa or a designer wool area rug. Then surround it with furnishings that are on the low side of the budget. When looking at the scheme as a whole the eye will pick up the craftsmanship of the significant pieces and will perceive the other pieces as being along the same line. This will create a cohesive and classy look.


You create spaces for both grown-ups and babies — do you approach these projects similarly or differently?

Actually I approach them similarly. I always try and create a space that is timeless and will grow with the person or child. I choose fabrics and furnishings that will still look great in the years to come. This way it will be easy to update in the future with just changing out small things such as throw pillows, linens, paint, etc. for a fresh look, while maintaining the overall integrity of the original design.


What suggestions do you have for folks who would like to update their homes?

When you are at the point where you are ready to make some upgrades to your home the most important thing is to be selective and choose only what you absolutely love, love, love! The same should go for your wardrobe. Even if it takes longer than expected to find these things, trust me, it will be well worth the wait.


What are your favorite sources for finding pieces? (A particular store? Online? Custom?)

One of my favorite areas is in downtown LA in the fabric district. You would not believe the deals — and on luxurious fabrics like silk too! Another favorite is the old Helms Bakery building area, which has numerous amazing showrooms including the big HD Buttercup. That is a great resource since there are various manufacturers under one roof.


Any last thoughts?

In the end, designing your home should be fun! While the remodeling process can be quite stressful just remember to keep your eye on the big picture and do not lose sight of your vision for your home. Stay true to yourself and what you love.


Written by Catherine Holliss

Interior Design Blog Writer,, LLC

Director of Interior Design, Sander Architects LLC.  


All Photographs © Studio Diz.

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