Doing laundry is an unavoidable household chore not everybody enjoys. Make it more enjoyable by storing and organizing each load of clothes in a decorative laundry hamper and transporting the washed pile in a beautiful wicker laundry basket.

What is the difference between a clothes hamper and a basket? 

While laundry hampers are designed for keeping dirty clothes out of sight in between washes in one place, baskets are great for transporting the loads before and after washing and drying. Neat, sturdy wicker laundry hamper with a lid will be a great addition to your bathroom or laundry room. 

Laundry hampers and baskets as decor

Find rattan hampers in a variety of sizes to fit your desired room layout, and don't forget about their decorative nature. Imagine a unique seagrass hamper placed comfortably within reach, and at the same time serving as a decorative room element. 

Wicker hampers with their natural charm will be a stylish addition to your home decor and blend right in. Replace the plastic bins with decorative hampers, handwoven from rattan or seagrass. Whether used for keeping laundry or storing various items such as toys, blankets, or towels, an elegant wicker hamper will never look out of place no matter where and how it's used.

Wicker hamper extras: lids, wheels, liners

  • Wicker hampers with lids are perfect to hide your delicates and are more likely to blend in with the decor and furniture and not catch as much attention as an open clothes hamper would. You can also be sure to keep any unpleasant odors locked inside if you purchase wicker hampers with lids.

  • If you need to transport several loads of clothes often, choose a laundry hamper with wheels. Transport the laundry from room to room in a rolling hamper without any uncomfortable bending over. Kouboo's rolling hamper has a detachable stand made from rattan poles that are equipped with locking wheels. Move the clothes around however you please and reach the washer with ease in a laundry hamper with wheels, making laundry day actually fun. 

  • Each rattan laundry hamper by Kouboo comes with a removable cotton liner that protects your clothes. You can detach and remove the liner from the rattan hamper to machine-wash it and easily attach it back in.

Wicker hampers and baskets for every need

Check out Kouboo's selection of wicker laundry baskets and rattan and seagrass hampers to store away your laundry in style. Using a woven hamper that is both sophisticated and practical is the ideal way to stay organized and keep your laundry in check. By picking the perfect rattan hamper to use you might even look forward to laundry day!

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