Placemats or kitchen table mats are practical and decorative pieces of fabric or woven materials in various shapes that you put under a place setting to protect the table from stains and spills, as well as enhance your table setting. Dining table mats are a great alternative to tablecloths, or they can be used at the same time.

Table setting placemat variations range in materials from plastic, vinyl to cloth and natural fibres. Kouboo's artisans have mastered the latter offering a stunning collection of natural placemats, handwoven from rattan, nito, or sisal in Hapao style. Rectangle, oval, and round woven placemats in a detailed, intricate weave that has originated in the Philippines and ensures durability and longevity. These natural placemats are designed for everyday use—a clear lacquer finish over the tightly woven rattan placemats makes for easy clean-up by wiping each kitchen table mat with a damp cloth.

Dining table mats are a handy kitchen item to have around—set rattan placemats on the table anytime to protect its surface and add a decorative touch. Pair oval and round placemats with your favorite elegant dinnerware, or play with a geometric setup using rectangle placemats. Square placemats for the table are an ideal way to accentuate a casual tablescape and make each person attending your dinner party feel special with their individual place setting. Create a festive coastal theme with wicker rattan placemats together with coral and seashell decor. Table setting placemat is an excellent backdrop that helps you highlight the dishes, the decorations, and the meal.

Are you hosting an outdoor gathering? Enhance the picnic scene with round, oval, or square outdoor placemats for the table, or place a round woven placemat on the ground to give an extra balance for your plates. Mess-free outdoor placemats will complement a casual barbeque, as well as a fancier lunch or dinner date. Don't forget about plate covers! Keep away intrusive insects that want to have a taste of your meal with outdoor food covers or use plate covers for specific food items in your kitchen pantry. The beautiful rattan weave makes our picnic food covers table statement pieces as well.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will instantly become more elegant with the use of chic round table mats and rattan plate covers. Whether having a meal outdoors or inside the house, showcase your tableware on sophisticated wicker placemats. Set the scene and add a unifying final touch with placemats for any table setting, or get a rattan placemat set for your loved ones as a thoughtful housewarming gift.