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Rattan Kobo Decorative Storage Trunk with Lid, Natural
from $175.00 USD
Rattan Core Rectangular Storage Basket with Lid, Natural
from $74.50 USD

La Jolla Rectangular Rattan Storage Box
$145.00 USD
Kobo Rattan Rectangular Lidded Storage and Underbed Basket, Organizer Box, 3 Sizes
from $59.50 USD

Loma Rectangular Rattan Storage Box and Decorative Storage Basket
$69.50 USD

Rattan trunks and chests to solve your storage needs

In the collection of rattan trunks and chests, each piece showcases the natural beauty and versatility of rattan. Our items range from decorative seagrass and rattan trunks to spacious rattan chests, offering function and elegance combined. Ideal for various storage needs—organizing blankets and pillows in bedrooms, keeping living room clutter away, or holding children's toys. These pieces also work beautifully as decorative accents while providing a practical solution for storing seasonal items, such as holiday decorations, shoes, or winter clothing. A rattan trunk or chest storage solution not only helps organize your belongings but also enhances your home's interior.

Why are wicker & rattan chests and trunks better

Our collection features a variety of wicker chests and trunks that stand out with a unique blend of natural materials and expert craftsmanship. The intricate traditional weaving techniques showcase the skill and dedication of our artisans. At the same time, the use of sustainable materials like rattan and wicker ensures durability and makes your home decor eco-friendly. Some of our wicker trunks come with lids, providing a neat storage solution. Choose wicker trunks and chests for their authenticity, sustainability, and the timeless beauty of artisanal wicker weave.

Versatile storage solutions for different interiors

Rattan trunks make great additions to various interior design styles, particularly bohemian interiors, and homes decorated in coastal or nautical themes. At Kouboo's online store, you can select from large, medium, and small wicker trunks to fit your storage needs and room plan. Equipped with practical features such as handles and lids for easy use and access—use them as coffee tables, at the foot of a bed, or as a focal point in a living room to tidy up and enhance your space.

Rattan Storage Trunks and Chests FAQ