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Baja Hurricane Rattan Candle Holders, Natural
from $19.50 USD $54.50 USD
Baja Rattan Hurricane Candle Holder, White-Wash
from $19.50 USD $54.50 USD
Baja Hurricane Decorative Rattan Candle Holders, Black
from $19.50 USD $54.50 USD

Cabo Hurricane Rattan Candle Holders, Natural
from $19.50 USD $54.50 USD
Cabo Rattan Hurricane Candle Holders, White-Wash
from $19.50 USD $54.50 USD
Cabo Hurricane Decorative Rattan Candle Holders, Black
from $19.50 USD $54.50 USD

Lighting candles is one of the best ways to set a romantic mood in the room and create a cozy atmosphere. Not to risk getting candle wax spilled all over the table surface or your favorite tablecloth, having a place for each candle is very important. Besides, the silver casing tealight candles come in, is not that attractive. 

Kouboo offers a beautiful collection of decorative rattan candle holders for t-lights and different size candles that will do wonders in enhancing your interior! 

Rattan candle holder uses

Bring atmospheric light to any room by shining candlelight through the intricate webbing of handcrafted rattan candle holders. Each and every one of these pieces will be a wonderful addition to your decorations set or make a great gift. 

Here are some ideas on how to use rattan candle holders:

  • Asa decorative table centerpiece
  • On a fireplace mantle or windowsill
  • In the bathroom to create a relaxing ambiance 
  • As a holiday decoration
  • As a baby shower or wedding decor
  • As a gift for your friends and loved ones
  • In various themed events, like Diwali, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day

Decor tips for arranging t-light candle holders

T-light candle holders are simple decor elements that make a big difference in setting the mood on a dinner table, mantle, side, or coffee table. You can illuminate any of the tabletops with the help of wicker votive holders.

If you want to decorate your space with several candle holders, keep a few of the following tips in mind:

  1. Use candle holders that are made from the same material to achieve a coordinated look
  2. Get candle holders in various sizes and always arrange smaller ones in the front
  3. Instead of selecting several separate holders, purchase a candle holder set that you can place anywhere as decor without worry

Variety of designs and styles suited for every interior

Our rattan candle holders come in different styles and color finishes – choose the design that fits your home the best. Go with earthy natural colors or opt for a  matte black candle holder to complement modern decor. Even if it's a small t-light holder, our handmade pieces create a wonderfully cozy atmosphere wherever they're placed.

Rattan Candle Holders FAQ