Keeping your living space organized might be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. You can tidy up your home while also adding attractive decor to any room with Kouboo's distinctive woven and wicker baskets and containers. Browse ourseagrass baskets, rattan baskets, wicker baskets with lids, market baskets, wicker picnic baskets, plant stands, and more!

What materials does Kouboo use?

If you are conscious about bringing toxic materials into your house, Kouboo's wicker baskets are a safe choice made from sustainable materials. Compared to plastic materials, rattan wicker and seagrass baskets are much more environmentally friendly, as they are made from easily accessible natural resources. These fast-growing materials have a low environmental impact throughout their life cycle and are naturally more durable compared to other alternatives that require treatment with toxic chemicals. 

Various uses of rattan and seagrass baskets in your interior

The ideal storage container should match its surroundings as well as the things you want to store in it. Kouboo's jumbo baskets make reorganizing a breeze, whether you want to store your cooking utensils in a large basket or place your fruits and vegetables in a round woven basket as a table decoration. 

You can even bring creative storage to your child's room with white wicker baskets, which double as toy boxes and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Looking for something more specific? What about a chic, rattan basket to organize your everyday belongings: a wicker stand for umbrellas, a fire log basket, a basket for storing magazines, or even a hand-woven document and file organizer? 

If you want something even sturdier, woven baskets are perfect for storing heavy items. They are crafted to be sturdy without being too stiff, and they come in many different shapes and sizes to fit all kinds of items. Our larger basket options are ideal for storing bulky items that take up a lot of space, such as winter clothes or duvets and pillows. 

A basket with a lid is a great hidden storage solution. A wicker basket with a lid can be stacked on top of others to save space and organize clutter. 

Shop woven and wicker baskets at Kouboo

Whether you plan to re-do the whole house or introduce order to one corner of it, choose from a variety of wicker baskets, designed to fit nicely in your home.Organize items for any occasion with Kouboo all-natural handmade woven baskets, bins, and storage containers.

Woven and Wicker Baskets FAQ