Shop an exclusive selection of capiz chandeliers at Kouboo

Are you looking for a unique decorative piece? Capiz shell chandeliers are a stunning lighting choice for any room. Elegant, stylish, and delicately crafted, they are unmatched eye-catchers.

We offer a beautiful selection of handcrafted seashell chandeliers, with each shell hand-cut, layered, and knotted together in strands, creating unique light reflections from different angles - a perfect solution for a contemporary ceiling light.

Where does capiz come from?

Capiz is a flat, almost transparent outer shell of the windowpane oyster (Placuna placenta), a bivalve marine mollusk, found in the coastal waters of the Capiz province in the Philippines, which is where the name originated.

More shells are harvested once every two years in bays and lagoons around the island of Samal. Windowpane oysters are edible but mainly valued for the capiz shells. Originally used as a glass substitute due to their transparency and durability, these round shells have recently entered the world of fashion and decor.

What is the best place for a capiz chandelier?

Capiz chandeliers will work wonders in any room of your house.

Hang a seashell chandelier as a statement piece above the kitchen island or dining table, or give a warm glow to your front door entry. 

A chandelier in your bedroom will set a subtle coastal feel even if you live far away from the shore.

Capiz Chandeliers FAQ