Add a tropical touch to your home décor with a beachy rattan bedside table or wicker nightstand. Handcrafted with high-quality, naturally grown rattan, wicker nightstands and rattan bedside tables make for durable, sturdy furniture that brings warmth and a coastal feel to any room. Similar to wooden nightstands, the solid construction of a woven open shelf nightstand or a nightstand with a door or a drawer allows them to be both decorative and practical. 

What is the difference between "bedside table" and "nightstand"? 

Even though both are often used interchangeably, a distinction can be made. Nightstands, even open shelf nightstands, usually have drawers or doors, while bedside tables are defined as just small, low tables beside the bed and might offer less storage space. Both can also be called night tables.

Night table features and uses

Night tables come in different sizes and offer a range of features and practical uses:

  • A woven rattan nightstand will balance the decor and add to the style of the room while providing a convenient surface and space for storage
  • You can put a nightlight, alarm clock, phone, books, or any other items you frequently use on a rattan bedside table or nightstand at arm's reach. Try to even the top of the nightstand with the height of the bed for easier access
  • Nightstands featuring drawers or shelves allow you to neatly store reading glasses, medication, lotions, electronics, and other personal items out of sight

You can choose woven nightstands that match the overall design and color scheme of the room or opt for a more eclectic, adventurous look and spice up your home décor with stand-out pieces, depending on your preference. Woven boho nightstands will be perfect to upgrade a basic bedroom or work as another element in an already chic and coastal interior. 

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