Decorative lighting fixtures for your interior

Sparkle up any room in your house and shine a light on its best features with decorative lighting fixtures. Choose from a wide selection of hand-woven and meticulously designed decorative lighting variations by Kouboo. Whether it is a gorgeous rattan pendant light or a rattan chandelier, a more modest wicker lamp, you will find the perfect rattan light fixture or a stunning chandelier here. 

Types of decorative lighting from Kouboo

Wicker lamps

Wicker pendant light fixtures, available in many different shapes and sizes, will complement your kitchen, dining room, foyer, or living room giving it a coastal, tropical flair. Hang wicker lamp sets in groups, or choose a single, hand-crafted rattan pendant light that adds character to any room. Rays of light shine throughthe wicker lamps made ofwoven pendant lights, creating unique patterns on the walls and your room decor. Top a side table, a bedside dresser, or a bathroom counter with a wicker table lamp. Bring not only more light but warmth to your home with a unique rattan lamp!

Pendant chandeliers

If you wish to add a little whimsy and romance to your room of choice, a pendant chandelier is the lighting solution for you. Combining hundreds of individually placed seashells delicately knotted together, these designer-made pendant chandelier variations by Kouboo are elegant, marvelously detailed, and display both a timeless and contemporary feel. The light will softly glisten throughout the room with any of these hand-woven pendant light masterpieces.

Bamboo hanging lamps

Hand-woven from naturally grown bamboo, Kouboo's ceiling lamps will shine a dynamic glow over your dining table, in the living room, bedroom, or foyer. The natural look and tone of the bamboo complement nearly all home décor styles, including coastal, contemporary, and rustic designs. Mix or match these with our other decorative lighting options for a unique and beautiful focal point of the room.

How to choose decorative lights?

Decorative lighting is a great and easy way to create a cozy atmosphere in any room while staying true to your taste. When choosing from various types of decorative lights, you need to consider: 

  • The furnishing design of the room
  • Dimensions of the room
  • Required brightness
  • Your personal sense of style
  • Season of the year and the occasion

Where to place wicker lamps?

Wicker lamp placement options are almost endless. You can decorate any area with a wicker pendant light fixture of your choice and match them with other woven decors to create a dreamy tropical ambiance right in your home. Wicker lamps are ideal additions to your bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. Furthermore, tuck them in a cozy reading corner, enhance your office space, or place a rattan lamp in a covered outdoor living area. Smaller wicker lamps will work wonders in the bathroom area. 

Whichever form of hand-woven decorative lighting you go with as the light solution for your design need and preference, the result is going to be magical.