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Loma Round Rattan Paper Waste Basket
$39.50 USD
La Jolla Rattan Round Waste Basket with Plastic Insert & Lid. Small
$69.50 USD
La Jolla Rattan Round Waste Basket with Plastic Insert & Lid, Large
$99.50 USD

Loma Half-Moon Rattan Waste Basket
$49.50 USD
La Jolla Rattan Waste Basket with Plastic Insert
$62.50 USD
La Jolla Rattan Mesh Round Waste Basket
$44.50 USD

La Jolla Rattan Square Paper Waste Basket and Trash Bin with Lid and Plastic Insert
$69.50 USD
It's important to organize your interior with pieces that suit their purpose, are comfortable to use, and fit into the overall décor of the house. This applies to wastebaskets as well! The days of tucking away the well-used wastebaskets every time guests come by are over. Choose a handwoven rattan waste basket or an intricately designed bamboo waste basket for a surprisingly decorative functional item. Improve the appearance of your household and keep it organized and tidy at the same time by placing one of Kouboo's elegant wicker waste baskets with a lid or without in any room you need.

One of the more usual places to install one is the bathroom. That being said, choosing a neat bathroom wastebasket can be a challenge. Kouboo offers various decorative bathroom wastebaskets made from rattan or bamboo for your bathroom enhancement or renovation. A rattan waste basket with a lid or without is the best solution for waste disposal. Available in different sizes, with or without liners, and lids, - pick a wicker waste basket that matches your bathroom decor.

Wicker waste baskets with removable plastic liners solve the disposal and recycling problem, making waste discard easy. Become more eco friendly by going trash-bag-free and occasionally washing the removable liner of your bathroom wastebasket. Besides, a bamboo waste basket in a unique design or a natural and elegant rattan waste basket with a lid is pleasing to the eye and not meant for hiding inside cabinets. Leave the beautiful honey-brown wastebasket on display as a decorative accent piece, not just a practical item every home needs.

Durable, practical, and elegant, each handwoven rattan waste basket by Kouboo is unique, and the gorgeous woven designs of our bamboo waste basket collection can't be replicated. We are pleased to offer the highest quality products, made from natural materials by creative and skilled craftsmen. Wicker wastebaskets with a lid in varying shades of brown, white and black - browse from an array of quality-weave pieces to provide function and enhance your interior.

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