Rattan Chippendale Headboard, Natural
from $495.00 USD

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Are you thinking of adding a beautiful accent to your bedroom? A handcrafted wicker headboard, queen- or king-size based on your needs, attached to your bed frame will work wonders giving the room an exotic boho vibe. 

Uses of rattan in bohemian headboards

Headboards by Kouboo are made from naturally grown rattan, and each piece is handcrafted by artisans using construction and weaving techniques passed down for generations. Incredible attention to detail goes into creating these rustic-style bohemian headboards. 

Rattan can be formed into any unusual, sinuous headboard shape imaginable to create beautiful pieces of decorative furniture that work as stand-out pieces on their own and also give a platform for your bedding to shine on. Especially if the bed frame itself is simple, you can afford to go for a sophisticated design for the headboard, like a textured peacock headboard. A unique rattan headboard will work as a perfect base for a boho- and coastal-themed bedroom.

Boho headboards in various sizes

No bed will be the wrong size for a chic, designer-made rattan headboard. You can get a queen size peacock headboard or king size wicker headboard for your master bedroom, while twin size is perfect for a children's room or can be used in the guest room. Besides the aesthetic appeal, headboards are practical and keep your pillows from falling off the bed, which is a small, but pleasant feature.

Adding a wicker headboard of any size and style to your bedroom decor completes the look of the room and gives it a coastal, bohemian holiday vibe. When browsing headboards, look for a style option best suited for your bedroom aesthetic. For a more whimsical and eye-catching effect, choose a peacock headboard that features intricate curling details you can admire from afar or up close. Queen size rattan loop headboard will work as a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing decor for your bedroom. 

At Kouboo, we make sure all wicker headboards fit beds of any size – be it twin, full, queen, or a king-size bed. Choose a rattan headboard in the desired color, design, and size to place it into any bedroom of your house.

How to attach a wicker headboard?

Most headboards are compatible with any standard bed frame, so you won't have any trouble attaching them. To attach a wicker headboard, choose one of these three installation options: 

  • Frame-mounted: attached directly to the back of a bed frame by securing bolts in the mounting holes. Other tools such as adapter plates may be required. 
  • Wall-mounted: a more permanent installation with the headboard directly attached to the wall using tools like screws, bolts, nuts, and washers. 
  • Free-standing: used with headboards designed to stand on their own. Installing standalone headboards doesn't require any tools or drilled holes. This is the method that we recommend since it's something anyone can do with relative ease. 

To install a free-standing headboard, follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the bed from the wall to free up space for the headboard
  2. Lean the headboard against the wall in the exact place you want to position it
  3. While holding the headboard in place, push the bed back against the wall, thus pressing the headboard between the wall and bed frame and making the bed and headboard look like one unit 
  4. If you wish, purchase a connecting headboard bracket in any hardware store to secure the headboard to the bed frame

Kouboo's wicker headboards are free-standing and lightweight, which makes for quick and easy headboard installation with any type of bed frame.