Shop a selection of handcrafted rattan serving trays by Kouboo

Kouboo offers relatively cheap wicker serving trays in various shapes, each with its unique designer touch, for all occasions! You will be surprised by the sturdiness and comfortable feel of rattan serving trays, compared to any regular serveware.

Our beautiful serving trays are excellent for entertaining and will leave a lasting impression on your guests, while also being functional and practical everyday decor pieces.

Ways to use wicker serving trays

  • Impress your significant other with breakfast in bed, served on an elegantly hand-woven rectangle serving tray in various shades of natural honey-brown. 
  • Choose a woven tray with a wooden bottom, which gives it a flat surface, to safely carry fragile and delicate tableware. 
  • Use a wicker tray as a decorative bread or fruit container to place on your kitchen counter. 
  • A round wicker tray, hand-woven by master weavers from seagrass or rattan, will make a great decorative basket to complement your shelves and countertops.
  • A rattan tray can also be used as a unique display piece in the living room.

Serving Trays FAQ