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Laguna Square Rattan Coasters with Case, Set of 4, Honey-Brown
$12.50 USD $22.50 USD
La Jolla Rectangular Dinner Napkin and Guest Towel Holder
$24.50 USD
Wicker Luncheon Napkin Holder with Weight
$19.50 USD $39.50 USD

Loma Round Rattan Coasters with Holder, Set of 4 Coasters
$24.50 USD
Loma Rattan Napkin Rings, Set of 4 Rings
$34.50 USD
La Jolla Round Rattan Coasters with Holder, Set of 6
$27.50 USD

La Jolla Rattan Luncheon Paper Napkin Holder
$24.50 USD
La Jolla Rattan Ice Bucket with Ice Tongs, Honey Brown
$69.50 USD
Round Rattan Coaster with Wood Beads, Set of 4
$34.50 USD

Selection of rattan table accessories to elevate your tabletop

Find a variety of rattan table accessories at Kouboo's online store, including rattan napkin rings, coasters, and napkin holders. All products are handmade from rattan and are designed to bring a touch of natural beauty to your table setting. Whether you're hosting a formal dinner party or just enjoying a meal with your family, these chic rattan table accessories will be the ideal addition to your serveware, tabletop theme, and the room itself.

Choose unique artisan-crafted coasters and napkin holders

Kouboo offers round and square rattan coasters and a range of napkin holders in honey-brown, white-wash, and natural rattan shades in a variety of weaving techniques. Some of the coasters in our collection come with a rattan coaster holder, so you can keep them organized and within reach. 

Each item is delicately crafted by hand using traditional weaving techniques Kouboo artisans have mastered. This ensures that all accessories are of the highest quality and one-of-a-kind. Since these coasters and napkin holders are made from 100% natural materials, it's also a sustainable choice for your home.

How to use rattan tabletop accessories

Our rattan table accessories are an excellent solution for everyone looking to add practicality, on top of and warm, rustic touch to their kitchen and dining room decor.

Rattan napkin rings and holders are a stylish way to keep your paper napkins in one place or organize cloth napkins, while the rattan coasters protect your tabletop from stains, spills, and drips. Coasters can also be used as a drink cover, especially if you're hosting a gathering outside on a patio or gazebo. Keep your drinks covered and safe from insects, leaves, or other unwanted floaters, and no more fumbling around with loose napkins!

Additionally, natural rattan fits different interior styles. From traditional to modern home decor, rattan adds a touch of warmth that complements any aesthetic.

Tabletop Accessories FAQ