Lanterns and hurricanes are a home decor staple that everyone should consider including in their home interior. Whether used to light an area of the room or simply beautify a spare corner, they bring plenty of ambiance to any space.

With rattan lanterns, hand-woven from rattan vines, you can create a tropical island feel with ease. Conjure up a beachy atmosphere at an evening party, enhance the table setting or liven up any room in the daylight. They bring an instant character and natural touch into your home interior or backyard patio.

Decorating with rattan lanterns indoors

Although large rattan lanterns might seem more like a garden decoration, there are various places for them indoors:

  • Put lanterns on a coffee table or console
  • Line your entryway with a row of lanterns
  • Set them on a fireplace mantle or windowsill
  • Place it in the bathroom
  • Hang lanterns on the wall as a hanging decor
  • Use them as a table centerpiece
  • Hang lanterns above the dining table

No matter the use, rattan lanterns are a wonderful addition to your decorations set! However, if you decide to use wicker lanterns to decorate an outdoor area, ensure they are not left outside for a long time and don't get exposed to the elements.

Shop woven lanterns and hurricanes at Kouboo

The Kouboo collection features wicker lanterns and hurricanes that add to any tropical and beachy decorations. Hand-woven into a tight web, these elegant lanterns will set a peaceful ambiance and look wonderfully in any room or backyard patio. All of our wicker lanterns come with a glass container inside to hold various size candles. For enhanced safety, you can use flameless, battery-operated candles inside the lantern. 

Enjoy indoor or outdoor evening celebrations in warm and soft lighting. Get a large wicker lantern statement piece or a wicker lantern set today and enjoy the show!

Rattan Lanterns FAQ