Use & Care

Exampels: Various baskets, cachepots, tabletop, kitchen & entertaining accessories, bathroom items)

Clean with damp cloth and mild soap.Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaning tools.Do not machine wash.
Do not leave exposed to the elements.For tabletop items do not use as a trivet to rest hot cookware.

Examples: Tabletop, kitchen & entertaining accessories, décor like placemats, napkin rings, coasters, vases, candle holders, curtains, chimes. For chandeliers see Lighting below.

Clean with damp cloth and very mild soap.Do not machine wash.Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaning tools.Do not leave exposed to the elements (wind chimes should not be fully exposed either).For tabletop items be careful when using sharp items like knives in order to prevent scratching and do not use as a trivet to rest hot cookware.If exposed to wine, lemon, vinegar and other acid foodstuffs wipe clean promptly to avoid dulling of the surface polish.

Examples: Bowls, servers, serve ware, chop sticks, trays, vases

Teak & Acacia

Serve ware made from Teak and Acacia wood are food safe.Hand wash with mild soap. Towel dry.Do not machine wash.Do not use abrasive cleaning tools.To maintain the beauty and integrity of the wood, oil once in a while with food oil.

Bamboo, Mango & Tanguile

Clean with dry cloth.Do not wet.Vases made from Mango wood CANNOT take water and are for dry flowers only.

Examples: Serveware, vases, lanterns.

Serveware made from porcelain is food safe.Vasese made from porcelain can take water for fresh cut flowers.Do not machine wash.Hand wash with mild soap. Towel dry.

Examples: Candle holders, vases, picture frames.

Vases made from laquerware CANNOT take water and are for dry flowers only.Do not place under direct sunlight.Clean with damp cloth and mild soap.Do not soak.

Examples: Napkin rings, chop sticks, candle holders, vases, center pieces, bowls.

Pewter is a food safe material.Handle with care. Pewter is malleable and can deform.Do not machine wash.Clean with warm water and mild soap to maintain luster. Rinse and dry thoroughly with soft cloth.If dull clean with metal polish before using water. Polish in straight lines not circles.

Examples: Pillow Cases

Do not hand wash, machine wash or dry clean.Clean with damp cloth.Iron at low tempertaure avoiding decoracions. 

Any material wood, seashell or lacquerware.

Glass or mirror can be wiped with window cleaner.Clean frame with damp, non-abrasive cloth.

All hampers with removable liners.

Liners are made of cotton or a cotton-polyester blend.Liner can be machine washed warm and tumble dried low.If liner is not removable clean liner only with mild soap.

Chandeliers, pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps.

Use clean, soft cloth to wipe metal frame, shells, lampshade and/or lamp base.Do not use higher wattage bulb than recommended on product.

Chandeliers & Pendant Lamps only

Lamps must be installed in accordance with the local installation codes by a person familiar with the construction and operation of the product and the hazards involved.Consult a qualified electrician to ensure correct branch circuit conductor.Installation by qualified electrician is always recommended.All chandeliers are delicate and therefore thoroughly packaged for safe shipping. While there is no assembly required, unpacking of product requires time.

Mango wood, porcelain, lacquerware, fiberglass.

Vases made from lacquerware and mango wood CANNOT take water. For use with dry flowers only.Vases made from porcelain, ceramic and fiberglass can hold water for fresh cut flowers.Wipe with soft cloth. Towel dry.Do not drop item as it may break.

Keep away from children.Use on a temperature-safe surface.Allow candle holder to cool before touching or moving.


To be used for storage. KEEP SMALL CHILDREN FROM CLIMBING INTO TRUNK . Danger of suffocation.