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Coastal wall mirrors as decor elements

A hanging mirror is an essential practical element of any home, but who's to say it can't become a mirror wall decor? Decorative wall mirrors can be a great interior design addition that draws attention not because of the reflection only, but with its style and craftsmanship. 

While decorative mirrors can convey any feeling, Kouboo specializes in coastal wall decor, making your hanging mirror the metaphorical entryway into an exotic island and beach atmosphere.

Hand-crafted capiz and woven mirrors by Kouboo

Make the most of the walls in your home with capiz and woven mirrors. These coastal mirrors: 

  • Add texture
  • Beautifully reflect light
  • Visually expand the room

Kouboo offers rattan mirror variations, framed mirrors, and a collection of capiz mirrors, delicately handcrafted by artisans. The catalog includes oval and round decorative mirrors, as well as rectangular mirror options – choose what fits your interior the best!

Add a unique touch to your interior design with Kouboo's rattan mirror wall decor. The intricate design coiled around each round and rectangular mirror is a work of art, perfected by our skilled artisans. 

Where to place woven and capiz mirrors?

Living room

Create a coastal wall decor on a living room wall for guests and family to admire its beauty. The detailed braid of our white round wall mirror in peacock style makes it the perfect wall mirror decor, both functional and pleasing to the eye. If you want to give any wall in your house a nautical, coastal touch, you can't go wrong with a handcrafted rattan mirror.


Your bathroom or bedroom will instantly become more luxurious with a beautiful shell mirror on the wall. Capiz mirrors by Kouboo are elegantly crafted from capiz seashells.


Accent mirrors in the bedroom are wall ornaments that won't be overlooked. A white decorative wall mirror reflecting sun rays, whether it's a round mirror made of rattan or capiz, exudes sophistication and adds a coastal touch to your home. 


Make sure to place a wall mirror in the hallway by the main entrance. A round mirror is a convenient interior piece to check appearance before heading out or returning home, and can also serve as a wall mirror decor. Coastal mirrors, especially a bigger, rectangular wall mirror, will make the foyer look more spacious than it is and freshen it up. The mirror collection by Kouboo displays a variety of both round mirrors and rectangular decorative mirrors.

Brighten any space in your house and give it a tropical feel with coastal wall mirrors by Kouboo. Choose from a wide range of delicately crafted rectangular, oval, and round wall mirror options to find the ideal reflection for your home.