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Wicker Giraffe Basket, Natural Color
$115.00 USD
Rattan Elephant Storage Basket, White
$89.50 USD
Kangaroo Wicker Storage Basket, White
$150.00 USD

Rattan Sheep Kids Storage Basket, White & Gray
$99.50 USD
Wicker Penguin Basket, Multi-Color
$89.50 USD
Rattan Whale Storage Basket, White
$79.50 USD

Wicker Airplane Basket
$89.50 USD $99.50 USD
Loma Rectangular Decorative Rattan Storage Basket with Handles
$54.50 USD

Are you tired of tripping over toys and trinkets scattered on the floor? Wish to avoid the mess the kids make by leaving toys everywhere when they're done playing? By adding anursery toy storage in the room, you will easily get rid of the clutter. If you dedicate a living room corner as a separate play area, ababy toy hamper or basket is a must to keep the room looking tidy and organized. With a lot of storage solutions to choose from,wicker toy baskets are a decorative as much as a practical option to pack up and put away the toys after the playtime is over.

Kids' toy storage basketsare the ideal solution to organize any mess in the play area and store all toys, building blocks, books, and games in one place.Kids' storage baskets are also a great way to encourage and teach kids how to tidy up after themselves – with a fun container in a shape of an animal or an object they recognize, kids will be eager to help gather the toys and bring them to thisbaby toy basket, which will make the clean up fast, easy, and enjoyable. Atoy storage basket with a lid (or without) will ensure that all the children's toys have a specific place, so none of them are lost or damaged.

Not only arekids' toy baskets a great way to store toys and organize the room, but they can also add to the overall décor. Plastic toy boxes will do the trick and keep the room tidy, but if you are looking for a more unconventionalnursery toy storage solution with a bit more character, there are wovenbaby toy basket alternatives. Colorful handcrafted toynursery baskets will add fun to the interior and surely get the kids involved in the organizing. 

In Kouboo's collection, there arewhite wicker toy baskets andrattan toy baskets in pastel colors woven in the shape of animals and various objects that will work as a beautifulnursery toy storage solution as well as enhancing the room. Choose from our range of handwovenkids' storage baskets:whale toy baskets, elephant and penguin-shapedtoy storage baskets with lids, giraffes, adorablenursery baskets in the shape of a kangaroo, and other creatures from the animal kingdom to delight the children with fun colors and shapes. All ourrattan and wicker toy baskets are child-friendly and made of high-quality natural materials. Find the perfectkids' toy basket for your home!

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