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What is rattan furniture? Rattan is a climbing palm mostly found in Southeast Asia. When cut, rattan poles are perfect for making sturdy furniture frames, and the skin and inner core can be worked into weaving material. It can be cut and manipulated into many different shapes, creating unique sunroom furniture items, including sofas, chairs, accent tables, lighting, and more. Its neutral color gives off a coastal look and creates warmth in a space. It’s durable, versatile and will take just about any room of your home to the next level. Kouboo's classic rattan furniture uses the best natural materials and is crafted by hand in the Philippines. 

The line between outdoor and indoor furniture and design elements is getting blurrier. We not only see a trend of more and more plants coming indoors in the form of little windowsill herb gardens and an excessive amount of flower pots, but the chic touch that rattan furniture gives doesn't have to be limited to complimenting only your garden and patio. Whether you have had your eye on an ornamental kitchen chairs or are looking for neutral rattan bedroom furniture, Kouboo's furnishings will give your home that natural boho and staycation feel no matter the season. 

It's true, if you are all about tropical, coastal chic, and comfort in your home decor, indoor rattan furniture is the way to go. It has the power to transform your interior into a beachy paradise that you can enjoy all year round. This way the interior of your home will always remind you of the warmth and comfort of a summer getaway. Dress your classic rattan furniture with cozy cushions, throw blankets and pillows for a more cozy setting during those colder months. 

The handcrafted furniture you will find at Kouboo is made from all naturally grown and organic materials, so it is not suitable for all kinds of weather and does not last long if exposed to too much sun or rain. Kouboo's rattan indoor furniture can be used in any room inside, as well as  anywhere in the garden area with a protecting rooftop, but it will look the most mesmerising if used as  sunroom furniture, aka Florida room furniture. 

A Florida room, also referred to as the patio room, solarium, or sun parlor, is a fully open part of your house, designed to let in the sunlight, at the same time protecting you and the furniture from the harsher weather elements. It is often covered with glass, allowing you to enjoy the sunny outdoor feel without leaving the house. Indoor rattan furniture and any handwoven pieces are a perfect choice for your sunroom, making rattan the best material to decorate and liven up your indoor oasis. Use enough plants and bring in the light, so even the rainiest days feel like a summer breeze. 
Kouboo's handmade furniture items and sets come in a range of natural colors and intricately crafted designs for you to find a perfect furnishing addition to your home. Regardless of whether your style is contemporary, rustic, or traditional rattan patio furniture offers a foolproof way to elevate any space. Don’t be afraid to incorporate this gorgeous material into your home!