Wicker storage baskets for your interior

Keeping your living area organized can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. With unique woven and wicker storage baskets and containers that Kouboo offers, you can tidy up your home as well as introduce stylish decor to any room. 

Handcrafted wicker and woven baskets from seagrass or bamboo, and rattan baskets in various shapes and shades will be suitable for any interior need. These handmade storage containers beautify pantries, offices, playrooms, and closets so much that you’ll find yourself opening doors and standing in the middle of a room to simply admire your fabulous solution to the age-old issue of clutter. 

Different uses of wicker storage baskets

Here are a few examples of how Kouboo storage baskets can be used in your home.

Kitchen item organizing

Bring a great addition to your kitchen set by organizing your cooking supplies in woven baskets, or choose a shallow wicker basket to keep fruits and vegetables in. 

Bedroom and living room storage 

What about a chic, rattan basket to organize your everyday belongings: a wicker stand for umbrellas, a basket for storing magazines, or even a hand-woven document and file organizer. For smaller items such as jewelry and other accessories, choose Kouboo pandan organizing boxes. You might go for a wicker basket with a lid to store items you want to hide yet have easily accessible. Get an open-top storage basket for organizing everyday supplies, it’s an easy fit into any home aesthetic.

Bathroom enhancement

Store extra towels elegantly in wicker laundry baskets with liner. Large wicker baskets will be ideal for storing bulky items taking up space and making a mess. They can vary from different color open weave wicker baskets, round or oval floor baskets with or without handles, round, square, or rectangular woven baskets, bulging storage baskets, to decorative wicker storage baskets made of twisted seagrass.

Plant holders

If you are looking for a decorative holder for your plants, check out wicker baskets that make ideal plant stands, or make your houseplants happy by placing them in hanging baskets.

Hidden storage

A woven basket with a lid is a great hidden storage solution. A wicker basket with a lid can be stacked on top of others to save space or use the efficient and elegant wicker shelf baskets to organize the clutter. Wicker storage baskets shaped like animals or toys will make any kids playroom organized and fun.

Wicker storage baskets for every need

Whether you plan to re-do the whole house or introduce order to one corner of it, choose from a variety of wicker baskets and storage boxes, designed to fit nicely in your home. Organize items for any occasion with Kouboo all-natural handmade woven baskets, bins, and storage containers.