Selection of rattan planters, baskets, and plant stands

At Kouboo, we offer a range of rattan planters, baskets, and plant stands to elevate every plant lover's home.

Our hand-woven planters come in different shapes, with rugged handles or without, and will be ideal to hide a terracotta or plastic pot without having to replant your plants, herbs, or flowers. Selected products with plastic pot inserts can be used outdoors, as they're made to be protected from the elements.

Want to create an accent wall or enhance the look of your patio? We've got various options for rattan hanging baskets and planters to choose from. Look at our rattan plant stands for houseplants, pots, and vases you want to show off. 

Choose a unique artisan-crafted planter in the preferred size

Kouboo thinks about the uniqueness and artistry of each planter and plant stand so that your houseplants can flourish! Hand-woven from naturally grown rattan, bamboo, or inverted Abaca, these pots look beautiful in every room. We combine our artisans' skills with the excellent properties of natural materials to produce sturdy, sustainable, one-of-a-kind products for you and your plants to enjoy. 

Plants and their original pots come in different sizes, and so do our products. At Kouboo, you can find tall, small, or medium plant stands for the chosen corner of the room and any plant from your indoor garden! No matter the size, all our plant stands are equally sturdy and handmade with great attention to detail. With a variety of shapes and sizes, you'll find a rattan planter or plant stand for every space.

Beautiful and practical planters to complement your interior

Rattan planters from our collection will be visually stunning as well as practical addition to your home. Use these baskets to display plants, decorate with fresh flowers, fill them with fruits and veggies, or store other items. Some of the baskets in this collection come with a plastic liner to prevent spills or have a plastic pot insert and a protective finish for safe use outdoors. 

The natural hues of these rattan planters and plant stands are just what you're looking to complement your contemporary home. All of our products are also ideal for boho and tropical-style interiors. Add a decorative element with a hint of the tropics to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or home office with our hand-woven baskets your plants will love.

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