Whether you're hosting a dinner party or planning to have just a few friends over, your table setting will benefit with versatile serveware for entertaining. Decorative serving bowls and platters will not only make it easier for you to pass the food around the table but also enhance the overall look of the table setup. Moreover, coordinating the style of your serveware with the rest of the table setting will help you achieve a cohesive and elegant look. There is a variety of party serveware items to choose from, ranging from serving boards, charger plates, flat and footed fruit bowls, food covers, cake stands, and serveware platters.

Due to their simplicity and versatility, serveware platters, serving boards, and bowls are the basis of a great set of serving dishes and the most common serveware choice. There is a wide range of sizes and materials, which makes them perfect for serving a variety of main courses and appetizers. Kouboo offers a collection of wooden serveware – tapas boards for cheeses and meat, wooden serving bowls, and also rattan bowls for fruit and bread, and other 100% natural pieces to enhance your tabletop.

Serving boards and platters are shallow or flat dishes made in different shapes and meant primarily to serve dishes prepared without sauce or other liquid. These are the essentials of any tablescape. Wood serving boards by Kouboo can be used as cutting boards, trivets, or charger plates as well.

Serving bowls vary depending on the design and intended use. Shallow bowls are mainly used to serve solid, dry food such as bread and fruit, while deep bowls are more suited for softer foods that require a spoon. Large wooden serving bowls and shallow woven bread baskets make entertaining your guests much easier and add a stylish touch to your meals. Choose serveware that either complements your current dinnerware with similar color tones or brings an interesting contrast to the room and tabletops.

Serve up your favorite cake, cupcakes, cookies, and other desserts, not just the main dishes and appetizers. Cake stands are elegant serveware pieces that will add a dimension of height to your table or buffet while creating beautiful texture. Show off your creations on a pedestal!

Handwoven from naturally grown rattan and finished with a coating of clear lacquer, Kouboo's rattan serveware pieces – bread baskets, charger plates, rattan food covers, and cake stands – delight with their intricate texture. Wooden serveware is a beautiful and durable alternative to plastic or glass dishes, providing earthy, organic appeal and unique detailing. Our selection of wooden serving bowls and tapas boards are hand-carved from the tree stumps of certified plantation-grown Balian teak wood. Each piece is hand-carved around the rim of the bowl, adding an individual character. Present a touch of nature with Kouboo's rattan and wooden serveware for entertaining and everyday use.