February 21, 2012

I had the pleasure to watch photographer Fabrice Paracuellos at work a few weeks ago as he shot one of the most glamorous light fixtures I have seen: the capiz king size shell chandelier from

The heft and drape of this fixture, the subtle sheen and the way the light reflects off the surface of the shells, even when the fixture is not illuminated, makes it the perfect parallel for a red-carpet gown. I was transfixed by how glorious the darned thing was when it came out of the box – and then, when it was hung in the space, by how it resembled a ballerina in a ball gown.

It really transformed the space.

And this was a space designed by myself and my husband, Whitney Sander of Sander Architects, LLC, for a client who loved the idea of a modernist glass-and-steel double-height kitchen. I posted about a near-design-disaster in this very same kitchen a couple of months ago.

When I first saw the fixture, the scale was so dramatic and the effect so glamorous, I mentioned to Patrice Gerber, founder and owner of that it needed to be seen in context in an architectural space. We had a project that was finishing up and I asked the owner if he would mind if we installed the chandelier for a photo shoot.

The best part is the price tag: $695 (now 10% off and FREE SHIPPING on all light fixtures and lamps, during awards season.) Trust me, in my line of work, I see price tags that are ten times that amount—and more—with no more drama or glamour to offer.

King Size capiz seashell chandelier by

What might be the equivalent if it were to wander down the red carpet at one of the upcoming awards shows this Spring? Perhaps something designed by Prabal Gurung, the latest darling of fashionistas and a fabulous talent.

By the way, the client was so impressed, that he purchased the chandelier.

Written by Catherine Holliss

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