October 23, 2013

Ah, Fall. Loyal readers of this blog likely know that it is my favorite time of the year. I love the smells of the season, both indoors and out. An apple pie in the oven, hot chocolate brewing, logs crackling in the fireplace. Who could resist? Outdoors, the smell of damp air, dry leaves snapping underfoot and woodsmoke. All of these are a feast for the senses but it is the golden light that slants down through yellow leaves in the late afternoon which truly makes my heart sing.

Fall days are noticeably growing shorter and it makes light all the more precious. We turn on the lights in our homes earlier and earlier. Keeping our homes warm becomes a priority. Part of the poignancy of the season is knowing that winter is around the corner and these last few weeks of late afternoon sunshine will soon be gone.

It’s the perfect time to be thinking about adding some extra light to your home.

Why not bring some golden glow indoors before the grey days arrive? This can be as simple as collecting some interesting bowls or glasses and placing a tea light candle into each one. Consider making a candle statement by replacing a light fixture with candles. Buttrick Wong Architects did just that in this magnificent Bay Area dining room.

Numerous lit candles in various colors and sizes hanging above a wooden table.

Image © Buttrick Wong Architects

If you simply plan to turn off your existing light fixtures then Kouboo.com has a bronze lacquer candleholder that is elegant and, at $14.95 a perfect way to get that glow. 

4 tealight candles in a candle holder

Image © kouboo.com, llc

I love that you don’t need a fireplace when you have candles: the flickering light warms me right up. I am a big believer in the magic of the golden flame: it’s kind to aging faces, it adds instant romance and it makes any space feel warm and cozy. If you are worried about fire there are a few cardinal rules: never leave a candle burning unattended, keep away from draperies or—and this is a favorite solution of mine—use battery-powered candles. Some of them are surprisingly realistic, right down to the flicker of light.

Design firm Heintzman Sanborn Architecture and Interior Design nailed two of my favorite uses of candles in one room with this bathroom: the bathtub lit by candles and the fireplace lit by candles. Just imagine how romantic this room must be when dusk hits. I’m not certain I would ever use a shower again if I had this option.

A luxurious bathtub, fireplace filled with candles.

Image © Heintzman Sanborn Architecture and Interior Design

If you are feeling ambitious, this is the perfect time of year to go further than candles. Why not rethink your electric light fixtures as well? There are some spectacular light fixtures which are pretty much guaranteed to bring a gold glow into any room. This round capiz chandelier has over 1,500 seashells, all reflecting and refracting the light. In a previous post I talk about how these capiz chandeliers make you feel like you are living inside a pearl.

Capiz chandelier with silver decorations.

Image © kouboo.com, llc

This Fall make sure you get outside to enjoy the sparkle of sunshine through yellowing trees. Make sure you get a chance to really take in the smells and sights that make this the most romantic season of the year. Finally, don’t forget to think about ways that you can bring that slanting light into your home to brighten up the lengthening shadows.

If you have favorite ways to enjoy the magical light of Fall—and ways that you celebrate that light indoors—please comment and share your thoughts with us here at Kouboo. We will be curled up with a mug of hot chocolate waiting to hear from you.

Written by Catherine Holliss

Interior Design Blog Writer, Kouboo.com, LLC

Director of Interior Design, Sander Architects LLC.  


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