April 29, 2012

The more adventurous parts of my travels through Southeast Asia have come to end. I landed in what I would consider one of the most organized and efficient cities in the world. True Hong Kong like Singapore is a city state of sorts, and managing a relatively small population of 7 million living on a surface of the size of Rhode Island is certainly easier than a vast country like the US. But still it takes vision, skill and good planning to provide the level of service and infrastructure that Hong Kong has to offer. 

Hong Kong Hennessy Road

I reported in my last to blog entries from Thailand and Vietnamwhere the excitement was more about the unknown, the unplanned and discoveries. To me Hong Kong is a very predictable place as I have been here countless times. For sure this city never stops to amaze me and one can still find small streets hidden behind the intimidating skyscrapers and apartment towers filled with traditional Chinese shops, restaurants, the chatter of older Chinese people and the smells of exotic food.

I came here on my way home to attend a tradeshow that is well attended by vendors from all over the region. True to its reputation as a place that promotes trade and business, the fair was just a bit too much for what I was looking for. Booth after booth Chinese manufacturers from the mainland, that’s how greater China is called in Hong Kong, displayed mass produced home décor items that I could never let into the KOUBOO product assortment. We are all about artisan made products that showcase a craft that is traditional to the region we buy them from. Very few of that was on display in Hong Kong.

Well, now I know. And despite being a bit disappointed about not having made any terrific discovery, Hong Kong remains an excellent gateway to the region. Joey, my wife and partner in KOUBOO, have set sight on a new geographic area we’d like to explore in the not too distant future. And I am quite certain that Hong Kong will be the launch pad to get us there. I won’t say more as not to spill the beans where we will be digging for our treasures next.

For now enjoy a few impressions of Hong Kong. I was lucky to be able to meet up with an old friend who happens to own a boat. He took me out for lunch to a small fishing village outside of Hong Kong. What is surprising is that barely 20 boat minutes from the bustling harbor you find yourself in a hamlet that seems ages away. Well, there you go. Hong Kong is not as predictable as I made it appear.

Island Outside Hong Kong

 A different world just a 20 minute boat right out of the bustling Hong Kong Harbor

Asian food on a rotating tray, Lazy Susan.

Chinese east mostly family style using a Lazy Susan. You take whatever you like.

Fish tanks with fish, turtles swimming in it

This is the guarantee that the seafood served is fresh.


Written by Patrice Gerber

Co-founder of KOUBOO LLC

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