September 27, 2016

Open, inviting spaces provide endless possibilities for your home ~


Who hasn’t envisioned living in a big, open loft at least once in their life?  I know I revisit this dream at least once a year…and even as I look for a home…I still think of this option.  This is the ultimate creative endeavor which is only limited by your imagination.  You can take your home to a whole new level by thinking outside the “box”.


I had a difficult time narrowing this post down to the brilliant examples below!  They just go to show how diverse you can be depending on the interior design choices you make.  Create a contemporary and sleek neutral color palette or mix up the textures with brick, reclaimed woods and earthy goodness for a more comfy feel.  The sky is the limit.



Who wouldn’t want to wake up every day to this view and space?  I think I’m in L O V E !!!  The basic design of black and white for the windows, walls and ceiling are offset by warm woods and textiles.  Photo: Neuman Hayner Architects, Tel Aviv



Even though this loft space was designed with a more finished appearance by using sheet-rock on the walls and ceiling, they left the vents exposed and added industrial type fixtures or accessories to offset the gorgeous reclaimed woods used.   Photo: Subu Design Architecture


Exposed brick living space with high ceiling, gray sofa and ottoman.

Whenever I think “loft”, I think rustic warehouse brick walls and windows reaching to the sky. This living room area doesn’t disappoint! Photo: MarinCrazyGirl



Not all lofts are “square”.  This elegant contemporary design dares one to be creative in the use of every nook and cranny available.  The whitewashed wood plank floor stays true to the black and white design theme yet the wood grain shows through to soften the space.  Photo: Maison Creative



Tall bookcases rising up one wall plus the floor to ceiling soft drapes bring “heaven and earth” together so-to-speak.  The architectural details of the narrow windows is stunning!  Can you imagine sitting on the mezzanine level enjoying a delicious dinner as you gaze out over the landscape?  Photo: Maxim Zhukov



The console behind the couch offers storage as well as a room divider between the living room area and the bedroom, yet the gallery wall above the bed gives the illusion that the bed is simply another oversized couch for lounging.  Whoever designed this loft did a beautiful job of tying the spaces together.  Photo: Top – Found on Pinterest; Bottom Row – Kouboo accessories



This particular loft used similar wall units of various sizes throughout the design plan, creating brilliant storage and display areas.  In addition, the shelving units visually helped identify each of the rooms as in this pic.  Photo: Todd Mason/Halkin Mason Photography



Industrial Chic you say?  I’m once again in L O V E !!  I would be curled up reading under this window throughout the day and would never get anything done!  The sunken living area and fireplace provide a cozy space within the space.  Perfect.  Photo: Quattro Studio




All of the restored woods, leathers, brick walls and beams have me drooling.  Add in the huge picture windows allowing bright sunshine to flow…and I’m a goner!  I even like the black accents throughout!  Of course, I might soften the loft using pendant lights reflecting a bit more warmth such as these from  Photos: L – Royal Fashionist; R – Kouboo



Is there a theme here?  I guess I’ve been busted…and now everyone knows my penchant for brick walls, wood floors and natural light.  I simply can’t resist such warmth and comfort.  Photo: Wandering the Good, Tumblr



This loft has charm exuding from every corner!  The soft white walls are ideal for the whimsical art and up-cycled flea market finds.  I could just as easily live here as the others I’m drawn to!  Oh dear, I L O V E them all.  Photo: Manolo Yiera, Spain


If I wasn’t confused before, I’m certainly confused now!  Every loft has it’s own personality and charm!  How does one decide which direction to go?  Have fun and see what ideas you might like to add to your own home.  Kick your home decor design up a notch or two!