March 31, 2019

The baby’s room is a world 🌎 of it’s own these days ~


This first time grandmother is officially “obsessed” with “baby decor” now💡💡!  Like Lay’s potato chips… I couldn’t find just “one” or even 10 nurseries to show you!  Oh no… I kept finding more and more and became lost down the rabbit hole of all things “baby”!  Even though my first grandchild is a boy (due in July)… I tried to be fair including gender neutral and little girl nurseries also 😉.


“Back in the day”, nurseries certainly did not include the beautiful designs and thoughtful attention to detail as they do now.  A crib, rocker, changing table and dresser were the extent of the furniture back then… and the colors were pink, blue, yellow and the occasional mint green!


Yikes!  We’ve come a long way baby!  Just see for yourself below!

Camels, giraffes and elephants oh my!!  Wall murals, lush rugs and roman shades along with giant stuffed animals are now the norm for your little ones abode.  Photo:

This soft “pretty in pink” nursery is full of love, comfort and joy!  Photo: Kim Scodro Interiors

Twinkle, twinkle little star… This little boys room could inspire dreams for the next astronaut to walk on the moon! Photo: Hartendief

The textures of the pendant light, baskets and crocheted throws add depth and warmth to this mostly white on white color palette. Photo: Jillian Harris

Turn your baby’s sanctuary from just “so so” to WOW with Kouboo’s rattan and wicker pendant lightingoptions.  Photo: Kouboo pendant lights

Bambi and Thumper come to life in this adorable gender neutral nursery.  Reading to your child or grandchild provides memories that will last a lifetime. Photo: Found on Pinterest

Warm earth tones and a mural of trees bring the outdoors inside! Introduce your little one to some of Mother Nature’s critters with pillows, artwork and accessories. Photo: Good Housekeeping

Have you ever slept outside on a balcony or patio…sleeping beneath the stars and trees?  It’s such an amazing experience so I really love how this nursery was transformed to bring the magic indoors. Photo:

Green isn’t just the color of money 😆- it’s also the color of renewal, growth and hope!  What a perfect choice for this little one’s bedroom! Photo: ProjectNursery; Photography by Britt Anderson

Love how the wispy smoke of this wall mural reminds me of clouds passing through the sky providing movement for a baby’s eyes to follow!  Photo: Inspired By This, wall mural by Pixersize

Vertical, horizontal and zigzag lines provide stimulation for baby in a variety of ways…beyond just how cute this nursery is!  Photo:

Who says you can’t hang abstract artwork in your baby’s nursery?  This blue contemporary print might just inspire the next Van Gogh 🎨Photo: MyDomaine

Ohhhh… this monkey is the bomb!! I want this picture in my room!  Photo: Laure Joliet found on Domino

Could there be a theme running through this blog?  It would seem the giraffes are head and shoulders above the other wildlife 🦒🐘🐪🐇Photo: CupOfJo; Stylist – Kate Jordan

Simplicity and functionality are at the heart of Scandinavian design.  Photo: Red Princess Productions

Lighting brightens a room with varied texture and design as you can see by Kouboo’s pendant light in rattan. Expect the unexpected. 💡Photo: @caseymason_ on IG

Bring the zoo home with Kouboo’s penguin, whale, kangaroo, giraffe and elephant storage baskets made of durable rattan. Photo: Kouboo

This baby’s room is so very sweet… and the muted shades of teal, coral and dark gray create an adorable gender neutral nursery! Photo: House Beautiful; @oh.eight.oh.nine on IG

Every Mom and Dad needs a cozy chair or rocker to lull their wee one to sleep in…and this room doesn’t get much cozier!  Photo: StyleMePretty

This baby’s room is full of incredible details – twin bookcases showcasing tons of books for reading before bedtime; the dual copper pendant light is pure creativity; and a zebra watches over all who enter. Photo: Found on GoDIYgo

Kouboo’s founder, Patrice, has declared this nursery the premiere “baby man cave”!  Kapow! 💥Holy Smokes Batman!⚡️Photo: Domino; photography by Kerry Kirk