SUPERBOWL ENTERTAINING: Finding the fun in the frenzy.

January 18, 2012

An upfront acknowledgement: I am not a football fan. That means the Super Bowl is not really on my radar except for one key thing: it is a great excuse for a party. Bringing together friends and family for some good food and lovely libations is a delight. Not everyone, however, is going to be fixated on the television and, protests aside from the diehards, there might be a couple of folks who would appreciate something more than the requisite chips and beer.

How to get past the cliché image of the ‘Bowl as a frat frenzy and find some fabulous ideas for your big bash?


Feel free to serve those chips. Feel free to serve that beer. Just get out some of your favorite bowls and platters or indulge in an excuse to add a “super bowlto your kitchen arsenal.

As far as your table top decorations, Kouboo got into the celebratory spirit this year and they have two chip-n-dip platters on sale with free shipping in Rattan. (The image below shows the rattan bowl used two ways.) Why not use gorgeous objects and make your party guests feel like they have landed in a mini-spa of sporting sophistication? I am only half-kidding. If the Dodgers Stadium Dug-out club can aim for high-class, so can you.  

Aciacia chip-with-dip bowl used two ways


Other thoughts: use the team colors as a starting point for your decorating. Use both if you’re feeling egalitarian, use one if those are your guys out there cavorting on the sod.

  • I love the idea of creating a signature cocktail that uses food color or little umbrellas in team colors.
  • Make a trip to your local store to buy pillows in team colors and redecorate your sofa for the day.
  • Certainly fill the house with balloons
  • Dye the icing on cupcakes
  • Set battery operated tea lights into the bottom of a glass lined with colored paper.

The key is to have fun, set a mood where everyone can enjoy the event, whether a sports fan or not and let your creativity flow.

Please share your favorite superbowl or party decorating tips. I’d love to hear from you.

Written by Catherine Holliss

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