October 01, 2020

Wicker, rattan and bamboo makes itself at home in any room of your house ~


We are blessed to have an amazing community of clients, interior designers and even writers, for various Home Decor magazines, sharing their love for our artisan crafted products in their homes and designs!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Even though I've been writing blogs for Kouboo the last 5 years...I absolutely love seeing how these gorgeous rattan products are used in everyday life!  And many times I see a product in a completely different light due to the imagination of the fabulous designers - professional and amateurs alike!

Replace your old lighting, mirrors or dining serve ware with Kouboo's unique designs. The possibilities are endless with our capiz sea shell chandeliers, bamboo pendant or open weave wicker lights. In addition, see how you can add our sustainably produced rattan furniture to any room of your house... adding warmth, texture and of course... making a statement!

I hope you enjoy the following client photos as much as we have! 😍


Source: IG @DavidJackle and @JadonConstruction ~ Kouboo's Bamboo Barrell Lamp Pendant Lamp and baskets


Source:  IG @Marnieoursler ~ Kouboo's Chippendale Rattan Counter Stools


Source:  Amazon ~ Kouboo's ~ Kouboo's La Jolla Waste Basket


Source:  L - House of Turquoise and R - Kouboo ! Kouboo's Blue and White Bistro Chair and Natural Capiz Chandelier


Source:  IG @meg_mathewson ~ Kouboo's Rattan Coiled Mirror


Source:  IG @hagit_taylor ~ Kouboo's Wicker Ball Lamp


Source:  IG @LittleMissFashionQueen ~ Kouboo's Peacock Headboardand Nightstands


Source:  IG @TheHomeBodyHouse ~ Kouboo's Striped Wicker Basket


Kouboo La Jolla Bread Basket

Source:  IG @afnan.alrashed - Kouboo's La Jolla Bread Basket


Source:  IG @TownandIslandCo ~ Kouboo's Bubble Shell Pendant Lamp


Source:  Kouboo knows how to style and entry with these exquisitely hand crafted rattan furniture pieces and mirrors


Source:  Kouboo's Rattan Placemats


Source:  Real Simple Magazine and Kouboo ~ Kouboo's Anson Basket loves the spotlight! 


Source:  IG @TownandIslandCo - Kouboo's Luhu Pendant Lamp


Source:  IG @dewitt17designandbuild~ Kouboo's Panay Wicker Ball Pendant


Source:  IG @thefunctionalproject - Kouboo's Luhu Pendant Lamp hangs brightly in this newly remodeled kitchen.


Source:  Better Home and Gardens ~ Kristina McQuirk's article about Rattan Furniture ~ Kouboo's Rattan Petal Headboard


Source:  IG @aale21serrato ~ Kouboo's Halo Mirror


Source:  IG @lemonstripes... thank you for using our Laguna Basketfor your beautiful fireplace styling


Source:  IG @this_bountiful_life ~ Kouboo's Vegetable and Flower Basket


Be Beautiful, Be Bold and Be at Home! 💃🏻🌹

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