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Baja Tulip Decorative Rattan Candle Hurricane Lanterns, Black
from $79.50 USD
Rectangular Checquered Wall Mirror
$225.00 USD
Round Chequered Wall Mirror
$195.00 USD

Hinata Rectangular Decorative Rattan Wrapped Mirror, Natural, 24x36
$245.00 USD
Hinata Square Decorative Rattan Wrapped Mirror, Natural, 24x24
$175.00 USD
Rectangular Illusion Seagrass Rope Mirror, 24X36
$345.00 USD

Oval Boho Chic Rattan Peacock Mirror, Natural, 39 Inch Tall
$175.00 USD

Complete your interior with home decor ideas by Kouboo, from decorative pillow covers, picture frames, vases and trays, votive candle holders to hand-cut Christmas tree ornaments and handwoven wall accessories that add designer touch and give character to any space they decorate. Contemporary home accessories to put beautiful finishing touches to all your design projects. Why purchase mass-manufactured home decor and home accessories when you can get distinctive, handmade accents for home and garden at a reasonable price.

With strategically placed wall decor, you can visually transform the room and make it more spacious. Complement your interior design with exotic mirrors - Kouboo's collection of authentic wall decoration, or surround yourself with pictures of loved ones with unique picture frame ornaments, handwoven from pandan.

Throw pillows and decorative pillow covers add extra comfort to a room, while a decorative vase or a contrasting votive candle holder will make a striking accent piece. The eye-catching design and texture of our every decorative piece grabs attention instantly and makes you feel festive every day of the year. Make a statement by coming up with bold home decor ideas, using home accessories tailored to a contemporary lifestyle.

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