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Largo Vice-Versa Bamboo Ceiling Pendant Hanging Lamp
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When it comes to finding the perfect ceiling lights for your home, there is a variety of options, pendant lights being one of the most popular. Hanging lamps are suitable for every room of your house, including the kitchen, dining area, home office space, bedroom, hallway, and more. Because the pendant lamp style and size options can seem endless, let us help you make the ideal hanging lamp choice from the range of rattan pendant lights we offer to fit your décor and intention.

The role of pendant lights in your interior

Rattan pendant lights are a modern pendant lighting option that adds an instant design upgrade to your interior. Aside from the illuminating function, a well-chosen lamp shade creates a cohesive look for the room. That being said, wicker lampshades and ceiling lights made of other natural materials will serve as an extra sophisticated and unique addition to your decor while creating ambient tropical lighting.

A great thing about woven pendant light fixtures is their timeless, neutral tones work with any home décor while exuding unique character and elegance. Incorporate them in your hallway, hang a row of pendant lights over a kitchen island, or choose a compact rattan pendant to decorate the bathroom and create an effortless tropical ambiance. 

How to choose hanging lamps?

Wicker pendant lights range in size and shape. To find the right one, you need to consider the hanging lamps:

  • Intended location
  • Square footage of that room
  • Design of the room and home
  • Ceiling height
  • Light purpose

When making a choice, look for pendant lamps that complement the color palette of your home. Regarding size, smaller lamp shades will look great in the foyer, bathroom, reading corner, or grouped together giving an effortless coastal feel, while a large woven pendant light will be the perfect dining room or living room statement piece.

If you plan to install a rattan lamp shade above a dining table or kitchen counter, think about the light not blocking the view. With wicker shades placed in the middle of the room, be aware of the height so people don't bump into it. Most hanging lamps come with adjustable chains or cords, so you can experiment with the rattan pendant lamp shade height and combinations, and come up with your own modern pendant lighting. For more detailed tips, read our pendant light size and spacing guide

Shop modern rattan-wicker pendant lighting at Kouboo

Choose from a collection of designer-made rattan lamp shades for you to have warmth and a unique light source in any room of your home and for guests to admire. The earthy appearance of each woven pendant light we offer will radiate natural beauty wherever they are installed.

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