Bring natural charm into your home with various handwoven seating accommodations. Wicker chairs from rattan are the perfect starting point if you wish to test the waters of how your home will look with rattan furniture. Cushions are usually included for chairs that need them. Kouboo even offers rattan armchair sets to create a complete look with one purchase.

Rattan chairs for every room and need

Browse Kouboo's collection of various types of rattan chairs to personalize your home interior:

  • Dining chairs
  • Hanging swing chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Benches
  • Lounge chairs

Rattan kitchen chairs will brighten up any dining room. They are not only interesting to look at and to admire the craftsmanship, but the curved back and armrests provide exceptional comfort. If you wish to put a spin on traditional rattan dining chairs, a white chair will be the perfect choice of design for fresh, contemporary coastal home decor. Wicker dining chairs add character, elegance, and warmth to your kitchen or dining room, for you to lean back and enjoy each meal in style.

Sit back and absorb the coastal feel in a hanging wicker chair, as if you were on vacation on a tropical island, yet still enjoying the comfort of your home. A hanging swing chair is a marvelous addition to any room as it is, while a hanging rattan chair radiates exotic, tropical energy on top of that. 

If you wish to go above and beyond, check out Kouboo designers' play on the original boho rattan chair in a peacock-inspired design. There is no louder statement piece option for a wicker armchair. Intricate woven detailing in a swirling patternyou cannot miss with a peacock wicker chair by Kouboo! 

Quality materials and intricate design

Best quality rattan pieces are made by hand, using organic materials treated with care during the crafting process. Enjoy the best quality furniture, intricately woven from naturally grown rattan, paying attention to every detail of each unique piece. Rattan chairs by Kouboo will ensure just that!

Can wicker chairs be used outdoors?

Handwoven chairs are not intended for outdoor use and cannot be left outside for long periods of time where they can be damaged by the elements. You can place wicker chairs in a covered patio or other outdoor areas for short periods of time, but make sure they are not exposed to the elements. For long-lasting use keep rattan chairs indoors at all times.