Shop rattan furniture at Kouboo

Kouboo's indoor handmade furniture items and sets come in a range of natural colors and intricately crafted designs for you to find a perfect addition to your home.

How is our rattan furniture made?

Rattan is a climbing palm mostly found in Southeast Asia. When cut, rattan poles are perfect for making sturdy furniture frames, and the skin and inner core can be worked into weaving material. It can be cut and manipulated into many different shapes, creating unique furniture items. Kouboo's rattan wicker furniture uses the best natural materials and is crafted by hand in Indonesia. 

Uses of rattan furniture indoors

The chic touch that our furniture gives doesn't have to be limited to only complimenting your garden and patio. Kouboo's handcrafted rattan furniture can bring the exotic, all-year summery feel indoors. While Kouboo rattan furniture is not intended for outdoor use, it can be used as sunroom furniture or in a garden area with a protective rooftop.

While used indoors, it will remind you of the warmth and comfort of a summer getaway every day.

Enhance your sunroom with rattan furniture

Indoor rattan furniture and any handwoven pieces are a perfect sunroom furniture choice, making rattan the best material to decorate and liven up your indoor oasis. A beautifully textured peacock chair and coffee table will be a great starting point for an exciting sunroom look.

How to clean indoor rattan furniture?

Because of the intricate construction, rattan furniture needs to be regularly dusted and delicately cleaned. If you clean your rattan furniture properly, you can ensure it lasts for years and generations to come.

Follow these steps to clean your indoor rattan furniture:

  1. Remove dust from the furniture surface weekly using a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush or a duster. To reach every nook and cranny of the weave, use a soft-bristled toothbrush. 
  2. Once a month, follow up on the weekly dusting by wiping the furniture with a cleaning solution. Mix warm water with a little bit of dish soap and prepare another warm water container for rinsing.
  3. Soak a microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution, wring out excess water, and carefully wipe down the furniture with a slightly damp cloth. Make sure you rinse the cloth frequently.
  4. After that, use a clean, soft cloth to dry the parts that are wetter and allow the rest of it to air dry.
  5. If you get a drink, food, or another stain on the furniture, wipe it as soon as possible. Try to delicately remove the liquid or solid stain, avoiding rubbing it into the woven fibers. When you remove the most part, use a damp cloth to wipe the area down and let the rattan air dry.