10+ Fall Tablescape Ideas to Bring Autumn Charm Indoors

November 11, 2022

With the leaves golden, a sudden chill in the air and the holidays around the corner, you’re likely planning the perfect Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family. But if you’re solely focused on the turkey and trimmings, you might miss out on the chance to create a bountiful and festive ambiance.

Your tablescape doesn’t just add interest and sophistication to your autumn gathering; it also sets the holiday tone for your home. So if you need a little table inspo, we’ve got a cornucopia of ideas to make your Thanksgiving dinner truly wow worthy.

Common Fall Color Palettes

When you think of a fall color scheme, you likely picture those deep reds, orange golds and vibrant yellows typical of autumn foliage. While these classics will always have a seat at your fall table, don’t be afraid to turn over a new leaf.

Muted tones and neutrals can create a calm, modern autumn look, while pops of icy blue, silver and gold can give your table an unexpected, festive vibe. With winter around the corner, you can also lean into rich jewel tones, like burgundy, deep teal and sapphire blue.

If you’re ready to play around with color, start by pairing up table linens and dinnerware to see what strikes your fall fancy. Elle Décor has some lovely Thanksgiving color combos that might help get your creative (and culinary) juices flowing.

Neutral Fall Tablescape

Thanksgiving table in neutrals

Source: KOUBOO

Always muted and refined, a neutral tablescape is the perfect choice for the novice hostess, as most of the items can be used for other occasions. Additionally, setting a neutral table ensures your dinner won’t clash with its surroundings, so you can let that navy blue accent wall or your mint-colored dining chairs keep right on shining. Pair your neutral table linens – we love our Loma rattan placemats in honey brown – with a few decorative accents like wooden candlesticks or cream-colored pumpkins for a thoughtful presentation that lets your dinner shine.

Traditional Thanksgiving Tablescape

Traditional Thanksgiving table with plaid tablecloth

Source: Home is Where the Boat Is

If your Thanksgiving menu is set in stone – from the turkey brine to the cranberry sauce to your grandmother’s green bean casserole recipe – you might lean toward a more traditional tablescape. Try a tablecloth that incorporate those quintessential orange and brown hues with a cozy feel – like soft flannel. If you have (or want to have) Thanksgiving themed dinnerware, a traditional table is where you can let those turkeys and pumpkins shine.

Pumpkin Tablescape

Table set with white pumpkins and flowers

Source: Modern Glam

You don’t have to spent hundreds on fall décor to set the perfect autumn table. In fact, your best accessories might be sitting on your porch – or at least available at the local market. Pair your everyday dinnerware or special occasion china with the season’s favorite gourd. Pumpkins are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, so you can pick and choose what inspires you. We love fairytale pumpkins in cream and other muted tones for an unexpected – but seasonally appropriate – centerpiece.

Bountiful Harvest Tablescape

Table set with autumn squash and fruit

Source: HGTV

Take those pumpkins a step further by commemorating the season’s full bounty. A harvest tablescape incorporates elements of autumn’s abundance, including pumpkins, squash and gourds, plus the crème of the season’s crops – like apples, pears, pomegranates and cranberries. Whether you use real or decorative fruits and veggies, pull it all together with a lovely bowl or tray and simple, neutral table linens.

Tablescape with Lantern Centerpiece

Table set with KOUBOO lantern centerpiece

Source: KOUBOO

With the days getting shorter, candlelight is an easy way to add warmth and festiveness to your fall dinner table. Lanterns make a simple and elegant centerpiece any time of the year, but this season, you’ll want to pair your favorite lantern with autumnal colors and elements for a homey, cozy vibe. Our natural rattan lanterns come in a variety of sizes and pair well with any autumn palette.

Tablescape with Candles

Table set with tall taper candlesticks

Source: Blesser House

‘Tis the season for firelight – and not just in your fireplace. An autumn table filled with lovely slim tapers or sturdy pillars will provide a warm glow and festive spark to your dinner party. If you don’t have a slew of matching candleholders, don’t stress; mixing and matching can lend a whimsical vibe to a formal occasion, so let your creativity shine.

Floral Tablescape with Autumn Flowers

Table set with pumpkins and fall flowers

Source: Noting Grace

If you thought spring and summer had a monopoly on floral tablescapes, think again! Autumn’s blossoms are just as lovely – and make the perfect focal point for a fall dinner party. To stay true to the season, choose some of fall’s most beautiful blooms, like dahlias, zinnia, cosmos, mums, scabiosa, and sunflowers.

All White Tablescape

Table with white linens and plates

Source: Fashionable Hostess

An all-white dinner party is nothing new, but all white in the fall is perfectly unexpected – and works unexpectedly well. Pair crisp table linens with white dinnerware and an assortment of white accessories – like monochromatic pumpkins and candles. Of course, “all white” is just a theme, so don’t be afraid to add a pop of color or layer in some muted greenery.

Coastal Autumn Tablescape

Table with blue accents and rattan placemats

Source: Sand & Sisal

Autumn looks a little different by the sea, and if you’re blessed to live on the coast, embrace it! A coastal autumn tablescape borrows traditional fall elements but pairs them with light, bright neutrals and a natural vibe. Our Laguna Round Rattan Placemats lend a coastal air all year long and pair perfectly with your fall décor for a decidedly autumn-at-the-beach feel.

Glitz and Glitter Tablescape

Table with gold chargers and beaded pumpkins

Source: Summer Adams

If your inner design style is heavy on glam, let your true sparkle shine! You can achieve a glitzy, glamourous autumn table by incorporating metallics like silver and gold with a whole lot of sparkle – think glitter, beading and sparkling crystal.

Kid-friendly Tablescape

Kids Thanksgiving table

Source: Taste of Home

If using your best china on tiny humans gives you a bit of an anxiety attack, don’t despair. You can create a fun and festive autumn table perfectly suited for your youngest diners. Cover your table with butcher paper or a printed coloring sheet and let the little ones color the night away. Plastic champagne flutes and flameless candles will make kids feel fancy while keeping them – and your good dinnerware – safe and sound.

Minimalist Tablescape

Minimalist table setting

Source: Bomshbee

If your food can stand alone on Thanksgiving or any other autumn gathering, by all means let it! A minimalist tablescape can be a chic and sophisticated backdrop for a mouthwatering meal. A minimalist look is exactly that, so ditch the tablecloth and reach for simple placemats instead. Combine basic, unfussy dinnerware and cutlery with small votives to keep the table festive, simple and stylish.

However you style your autumn table, KOUBOO has the accessories you need. Our handmade, natural placemats, napkin rings, trays, lanternsand candleholders make any fall dinner an occasion to remember.

From all of us at KOUBOO, we wish you and yours a happy and bountiful Thanksgiving.