December 22, 2022

The weather outside might be frightful, but dreaming of sandy beaches, crashing waves and swaying palm trees is certainly delightful. In fact, with dreams of island living, we'll take a long winter's nap any day of the week!

Wake up, buttercup! No matter the part of the world you live in, you can bring a tropical feel to your home by channeling jungle and island inspiration into interior design. In fact, we've got several tropical home decor and furniture ideas to make your home feel a little more like a tropical getaway! 

What is tropical style in interior design?

Picture an exotic tropical destinationHawaii, Fiji, Bora Bora, Bali, Maldives, or the jungles of the Caribbean. If you're seeing fun colors, bright accents, nature motifs and natural, organic materials, you're envisioning tropical style. 

Tropical design is all about creating a laid-back, vividly beautiful vibe that feels just a bit like a vacation. With the right color scheme, furniture and decor items, you can achieve the look and feel of a tropical paradise in your very own home.


Tropical design decor
Photo: Pinterest

Color schemes of tropical style

The tropical style features beachy elements like palm trees with colorful touches of pink, olive green and ocean blue. If you're tropically inspired, be bold with the colors! Some ideas for bright accents, accessories and furniture are vivid green, hot pink, turquoise and warm yellow color palette.

tropical color schemes

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Tropical vs. coastal décor style

Compared to coastal design, which also uses natural fabrics and materials to evoke a beachy feel, tropical décor is more cheerful and bold, drawing inspiration from the more exotic islands. Both styles use furniture and décor created from wicker, rattan and bamboo to convey a light and breezy beachy feel, but tropical style takes the vibrance and texture up a notch.

Coastal décor

  • Neutral, white and blue color palette
  • Romantic atmosphere
  • Beach accessories—seashells, coral, coastal wall art

Tropical décor

  • Vibrant color palette layered on a neutral base
  • Bright and cheerful atmosphere
  • Tropical patterns and motifs—exotic flowers, leaves, birds

Tropical home décor ideas to refresh your home

If you're looking to bring a hint of tropics inside different rooms of your home, here are 10+ tropical-style furniture and décor ideas to help you achieve it.

Ideas for a tropical kitchen

Style a tropical kitchen by introducing vivid prints and accents that complement neutral or white wood cabinets. Woven furniture pieces and décor items from rattan and bamboo tie in nicely with any colorful touches you add to your kitchen.

Rattan stools

Rattan bar stools
Photo: Kouboo.com

If you have a kitchen island, bar stools that fit with the décor are a must! A row of these rattan criss-cross stools with colorful cushions will look great at any tropical kitchen counter. 

Pendant lights

KOUBOO pendants
Photo: Kouboo.com

Impossible to go wrong with natural and earthy wicker hanging lamps to bring warmth and light into your kitchen. Group several of these natural Panay wicker ball pendant lamps above a kitchen island or dinner table for that tropical ambiance. 

Woven placemats

Woven placemats

Photo: Kouboo.com

Tropical kitchen décor doesn't stop at furniture and lighting selection. Bring the exotic touch of tropics to your table each time you dine with handwoven rattan placemats

Tropical décor in bedrooms

To bring a touch of the tropics to your bedroom, start with natural fabricslike cotton, bamboo and linenand woven furniture to give the room that light, breezy feel of the outdoors. Then, add bright accents and some live plants to evoke a sense of nature's most vibrant beauty.

Mint headboard

KOUBOO mint headboard

Photo: Kouboo.com

Your headboard design is where you can really express yourself—and your love of a tropical motif. Enhancing your bedframe with a tropical mint-color rattan loop headboard, with lines that resemble ocean wave movement, will immediately make your room more sophisticated and vibrant.

Rattan nightstands

Rattan nightstand

Photo: Kouboo.com

Fully handcrafted from naturally grown rattan, a tropical nightstand in authentic design will be a charming addition to your bedroom décor. 

Décor & furniture for a tropical-style living room

The three P's—prints, plants, pops of color—and, of course, natural rattan furniture, are what make any living room effortlessly tropical, and adds an easy sense of personality to the room.

Rattan lounge chair

KOUBOO lounge chair

Photo: Kouboo.com

What about the craftsmanship and character of this natural-hue loop lounge chair—that's a tropical chair if I've ever seen one! Add colorful pillows and brighten up your living room in an instant. 

 Open weave pendant lamps

KOUBOO open-weave pendant

Photo: Kouboo.com

Complement natural light in your living room with wicker lighting fixtures. Take as an example this tropical Luhu open weave pendant lamp that enhances the already airy and bright feel of the room. 

Plants in rattan plant stands

Tropical décor accessories

Photo: Kouboo.com

Better than leaf motifs on wallpaper and textiles, natural plants and greenery will evoke the true spirit of the tropics. To make live plants even more tropical, place them in a gorgeous rattan plant stand or replant them in an indoor rattan planter rather than in traditional ceramic pots. 

Accessories & décor for a tropical bathroom

Brightly-colored tiles, stone bath appliances, woven accents and live plants give any bathroom a hint of the tropics. Try these tropical interior accessories ideas.

Decorative mirror

KOUBOO rattan mirror

Photo: Kouboo.com

Turn a basic bathroom necessity into functional wall art. A mirror with a rattan frame, like this elegant oval twisted rattan wall mirror, is the perfect choice for a tropical-theme bathroom. 

Rattan bathroom accessories

KOUBOO bath accessories

Photo: Kouboo.com

If your bathroom can remind you of a coastal villa, always say yes! Try these handwoven rattan bathroom accessories to complement your entire tropical design vision. 

Wicker baskets

KOUBOO wicker baskets

Photo: Kouboo.com

Here's another way to turn a practical item into a decorative piece that fits into a tropical bathroom aesthetic! Get a beautiful wicker hamper for your laundry and give your bathroom a design upgrade at the same time. 

Go tropical

Whether you're in Bali or just dreaming of being there, it's possible to turn any home into a reflection of that dream. Bring a bit of your ultimate tropical vacation into your design scheme with natural materials like rattan. With a little imagination and a whole lot of good vibes, you can create your very own tropical paradise regardless of the weather outside.