April 26, 2020

When we entered this new decade in 2020…I don’t think anyone saw the 🌎pandemic in their crystal ball 🔮.  If we were hearing the calls of mother nature to take a step back and stop pillaging her resources…then maybe we might have felt an underlying shift of what was to come.  But for most, it was like getting caught with your shorts down around your ankles as you try to run to first base!


I happen to have a very optimistic outlook and know without a doubt that there is a silver lining… already we have seen jellyfish and pink dolphins return to the Venice Canal; blue skies with no chem trails; a gratitude for life that may have taken a backseat on most days because of our busy schedules; a coming together of family; a return to puzzles and board games; Zoom Happy Hours or family celebrations.  My family actually celebrated my oldest son’s 38th birth on a celebratory Zoom call complete with birthday candles, singing and grand babies 💕🎉.


One thing most people are experiencing is this new “work from home” due to the “stay in place” quarantine. I’ve been fortunate to always have worked from my own abode but for many they are having to learn how to balance work life with family life…as well as creating a “home office” or two depending on how many adults are sharing the space.  I found a plethora of ideas for working from home… as well as adding my own families quarantine work spaces and Kouboo’s home office!  I thought it would be fun to see what the normal people were doing in their respective offices as we navigate these new waters!



Home office desk and windows view from the bed.

I had the luxury of going up to a client’s campus outside of Sedona for 3 of my quarantine weeks…and I had an amazing view each morning as the sun rose over the White Hills. Photo: Holly Rose at The Sanctuary at Sedona


A workplace with dark wall and bottle shelf.

My youngest son has the privilege of working from home most days… and this semi-downtime is allowing him the opportunity to study for his sommelier service for spirits and liqueurs and taking turns with his wife watching their 9 month old son come into his own every day. Photo: Brian Rose, Las Vegas, NV


A spacious home office with a desk, computer, chair, and bookshelves filled with books, fireplace in the background.

I love how this leafed table was converted to an office desk. The marble fireplace, artwork and bookcases bring it all together for this “room with a view”. Photo: Bauer Media on my Domaine


A home office with a wooden table and a white chair.

This vintage table conversion brings real warmth to the workspace. There’s nothing sterile or stuffy about working from this home. Photo: Daily Dream Decor


A wooden dining table, wall with many picture frames in the background.

Sometimes taking over a whole room and spreading yourself out is the best way to instill creativity. Photo: Domino


Home office desk in minimalistic style.

We don’t always have a whole room we can designate for work but repurposing a closet can be the perfect solution! Photo: @makingprettyspaces on IG


Home office with a big library, leather chair, and a sofa in the corner.

Do you have any long narrow spaces in your home that you just don’t know what to do with them? I love how every inch of this space was used…plus it’s warm, inviting and has a gorgeous view of the outside world! Photo: I’m Outside Looking In – Tumblr


Home office desk with a vintage table and wall shelves filled with books.

Repurpose an antique dressing table; slide it into an little bookcase niche and voila! You have an office! Photo: Indigo & Ochre Design


A kitcen with white and brown wooden cabinets, sink and wooden kitchen accessories.

This is a definite closet conversion upgrade… featuring the rattan pendant light and mounted monitor screen. Photo: Nesting With Grace


Grid of Kouboo pendant lights and baskets.

Kouboo offers a wide selection of rattan products…from pendant lights to desk accessories and even rattan furniture! Photo: Kouboo rattan baskets and pendant lights


Home office with a wicker chair in the foreground.

Kouboo’s captain of the ship has a quiet corner for his own home office when he’s not overseeing new products or traveling to find new resources for you. How many Kouboo products can you find? I’ll give you a hint – it’s 6 😁


Workspace featuring rustic black and white furniture and decor

Everywhere you look in this office cubby creates visual excitement and beauty. The floating credenza behind the desk offers a place for collectables and it continues up the wall in this black and white aesthetic. Photo: RegardSetMansion.blogspot


Modern home office design with teal accents and sleek furniture.

Love, love, love this simple design. It lends itself perfectly to productivity as well as creativity. Photo: Stylebleu


A minimalist workspace with a wooden desk, chair, and laptop on it, surrounded by white walls and a potted plant.

A reclaimed table and chairs offer boho chic charm in addition to functionality with lots of space to spread out. Photo: Style Files


Under-the-strairs workspace with a desk, chair, shelves.

Can’t find a place to tuck in a desk? How about under the stairs? When properly laid out, you’ll have storage and a work space! Photo: The Nordroom


A cozy living room with a white sofa, woodent table with plants on tit. Light walls and a large window.

This sofa table provides just what this quarantine ordered… a footprint for including your computer…and you have a view of the latest NetFlix or Disney+ show!! Photo: The Nordroom


Home office with a desk and large windows.

My oldest son and his wife are both architects… and recently completed renovation on their townhouse near Inman Park, Atlanta. Amongst the continued projects and a new 4 month old baby… creating a dual workspace was rather simple – grab a door, 2 sawhorses…and there you have it! They can take turns with the baby when not on conference calls and watch Spring bloom before their very eyes! 🌳🌸 Photo: Connect Thee Dots


Workspace near a large window with bookshelf behind a desk.

Even with odd wall angles you can create a work space using wee bit of ingenuity! Photo: TheSpaces


Teddy bears in an armchair, with laptop in front of it.

And then you have the spouse (my sister in this case) who gets the boot from her office because her other half has taken over the first floor and is on conference calls all day. What does one do? The only thing you can do – retire to the spare room with Winnie the Pooh and a folding table for your quarantine work station – making lemonade out of lemons! 🍋🍋 Photo: Lee Ann Hopkins, AKA Do Good Soaps and Suds